Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent Review 2019

Are you planning to go for a family camping trip? It is very essential to take a reliable tent to keep your family members safe and relaxed. If you are looking for an 8 person tent offering great features under reliable price-range, consider Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent. Like the other Wenzel tents, the Welzel Klondike tent features fine manufacturing supported with innovative technologies.


Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Key features of Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


Though the Welzel Klondike tent doesn’t work like the instant tents or pop up ones, you can set up this tent without complication. It takes 20 minutes to set up this tent for 2 adults working together. However, once you properly follow this tent’s installation guide, it would take lesser time and effort in assembling or disassembling this tent.


This Welzel Klondike tent comes with a spacious area measuring about 16 by 11 feet. The tents main room (98 sq.ft.) is large enough to accommodate 5 adults in sleeping bags. Moreover, 3 more adults can sleep comfortably in it’s screen room (60 sq.ft). On the whole, this tent can lodge the sleeping arrangement of 8 adults in sleeping bags.


This Welzel 8 Person Klondike tent’s main room offers a superb central height measuring about 78 inches. It is super comfortable even for the tallest member of your group/family. And, the screen room offers a moderate height of 61 inches. But still it is a good standing height for the average people. Furthermore, this tent maintains a good height on the edges, where the roof curves down.


This Welzel Klondike tent bears dome shape. The whole tent bears the footprint of design efficiency. It has several parts bearing design details.

  • External Door

This tent features only one external door featuring an inverted ‘T’ shape. It is provided with a zipper panel, which also serves as the entrance door to the frontal screen room as well as the tent-interior. The door fabric is attached. The provided flaps are tucked into the bottom-pockets. You can zip up the door during raining or sleeping time. And keep it open the fair weather situations to enjoy the camping porch.

  • Screen Room

This Welzel 8 man Klondike tent’s frontal face starts with a place fully covered with mesh fabric on the surrounding walls. It is called screen room, which measures about 60 square feet area. You would find a zipper panel on the front-side of this screen room, which serves as the external door of this tent. The screen room’s roof is covered by the provided rainfly. It’s floor platform is no different from the main room behindhand.

This screen room plays as a dual role. First, when zipped up it acts like an additional room that can accommodate 3 sleeping bags or 1 queen size bed. Second, it can be used as a camping porch when zipped open. Here you can place any camping gear, or sit with your family members or friends to spend some fun time together.

  • Main Room

Passing the screen room you can enter to a broader interior space. This is tagged as main room of this tent. This main room covers about 98 square feet area, which is big enough to lodge a queen size bed or 5 people in sleeping bags. The main room has no separate external door. You have to enter/exit this space passing down the screen room.

  • Inside Door

There is an inside door between the screen room and the main room. This door is blessed with a round circle that would certainly amaze the kids. This innovative circular door bears zipper panel running through the whole way round. Though you can’t remove this inside door, you can fold it and then store it on a pocket provided on the wall.

Well-designed Ventilation:

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing an excellent ventilation system in this Welzel Klondike tent.

  • Full mesh Roof Fabric:

The tent-roof is fully built with mesh fabric. This mesh roof runs over both the screen room and the mesh room. It certainly allows better air circulation in the tent’s interior space. Moreover, on a clear night-sky you can remove the rainfly and count the stars through the mesh roof.

  • Two Mesh Windows

The main room is designed with two large windows in square shape. Each window is furnished with mesh fabric and zipper panel. As these windows are protected by flaps, there is zero chance of water leak during raining. Each window assists the free-flow of fresh air inside the tent keeping inner ambient cooler and healthier.

  • Ventilated Backdoor

On the posterior side of this tent it’s main room bears a flap. When the flap is staked out, it serves ventilation backdoor for this tent. This outlet facilitates the cross-circulation of air inside the tent. It is a bonus add-on to the ventilation system of this tent. However, you don’t need to worry about the invasion of rainwater; because it is placed beneath the rainfly.

Weather Resistant Polyester Fabric:

Each part of this Welzel 8 Person Klondike tent bears the trace of fine workmanship. From the upper end to lower ends, this tent is made of weather resistant polyester fabric. It is further coated with polyurethane that prevents water invasion.

In addition to that, the tent-fabric features double-stitching with lap-felled seams construction. This manufacturing techniques ads a shingle effect to the tent-fabric against the rain-water.

What is more? During the manufacturing stages water-repellent technology has applied to each zipper, thread and webbing to strengthen each critical area that is at risk of water penetration.

Welded Polyethylene Floor:

The tent floor is built with standard quality polyethylene fabric. Thanks again to the manufacturer for applying the welding technology in the construction process of this tent-floor. This technology assures the floor is sealed properly to check water leaks.

Sturdy Structure:

The tent is supported by fiberglass frame which is certainly an up-gradation from the usual aluminum frames, widely used in building tents. Moreover, Shock-corded Poles help to make the frame sturdier against the adverse weather conditions.

The Wenzel 8 Klondike tent is blessed with double staked Power Corners that enhances the stability of the tent. Wenzel’s exclusive power corner technology is waiting for patents. It is one of the prime features that makes this tent out-win it’s competitors.


The Wenzel Klondike tent 8 Person is a fair-weather tent. It compatible for 3-seasons including summer, spring and fall. It is not recommended for extreme weather situations.


  • It’s a great family camping tent for the weekend campers.
  • It can lodge 8 adults in sleeping bags.
  • Bothe main room and screen room come with a comfy standing height for tall people.
  • Well-designed ventilation system makes it highly livable in warm weathers.
  • It’s no-see mesh fabric provides privacy.
  • The camping porch allows you storing camping gears, furniture, etc.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • This 3-season tent is good for fair weather situations. Not recommended for extreme weather.
  • It takes almost 20 minutes to pitch up this tent for 2 adults.
  • The screen room offers lower standing height for the taller campers.
  • Some reviewers have complained about the rainfly. You can bring a tarp for additional safety.
  • If you don’t stake down the elements – including poles, ropes, etc. – properly inside the ground, the tent may fall down. So, it is highly recommended to follow the set-up instructions.

Technical Specs of Wenzel Klondike Tent:

  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 Person
  • Base Dimensions: 16 by 11 feet
  • Peak Height (Main Room): 78 Inches
  • Peak Height (Screen Room): 61 Inches
  • Weight: 25.8 Pound
  • Tent Type: Dome
  • Main Room Floor Area: 90 sq.ft. and Porch
  • Screen Room Floor Area: 60 sq.ft. and Porch
  • Elements: 1 Door, 2 Windows, Fiberglass Poles, etc.
  • Weather Compatibility: Three Seasons
  • Recommended Use: Family Camping
  • Color: Blue, and Grey/Taupe
  • Manufacturer: Wenzel

Bottom Line:

Besides the Coleman tents, the Wenzel tents are widely popular among the expert as well as novice campers. Starting from fabric to performance, the Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent is full-package 3-season tent assuring weather-resistance, proper ventilation, stability, livability, etc. On the whole, Wenzel Klondike tent offers a great combo of standard materials with modern technology.

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