Solo Stove Stainless Steel Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Review 2019

Before talking about the Solo Stove Titan, lets have some words on it’s ancestor. Solo Stove is probably the most popular stove brand out there for backpackers. As the name suggests, solo stove always comes up with interesting models targeting the solo travelers. The company first became popular when it came up with the solo stove version one which is considered as the most popular version of all time in the world of stoves for solo users.

We are not going to talk about that product in this article. Here we will focus on it’s Titan model, which is a bigger version of that popular one that the company is known for. This is combo-review of the Solo Stove Titan and Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo product.  Should you go for this two-in-one product? Well, you will only know after you read the review.


Solo Stove Titan & Solo Pot 1800 Camp Stove Combo: Woodburning Backpacking Stove Great for Camping and Survival

Features of Solo Stove Titan:

Natural Fuel Use – Cost Effective:

This is one of the few stove models that actually encourages you to use natural fuel instead of the regular fuel that you always use for stoves. It is not that the stove does not work on regular fuels.

Think about the scenario for a second. You do not need to carry a huge and expensive fuel can with you while you are going for a camping session, if you have this stove with you. Isn’t that going to be an awesome experience?

With Solo Stove Titan, you can use pine cones, twigs, leaves, wood and all similar natural elements as fuel. They work as good as original fuel in this stove. Moreover, this camp stove not only uses less amount of twigs (or any other type natural fuel), but also creates lesser amount of smoke.

So, unlike the usual backpacking stoves run on petroleum gas, this Solo Stove Titan is much cost-effective. Buy Solo Stove Titan and get rid of the burden of carrying extra fuel canisters paying extra money.

Clever Design – Efficient Heating – Green Process:

The designs of all solo stove models are patented and they felt the importance of patenting their designs as they are worth it. Let’s see how this Solo Stove Titan works.

The efficient design makes this backpacking stove function as natural convection reversed down to gasifier stove. Near the bottom of this stove, the stove-wall bears several holes for air-intake. These holes can efficiently channel-down the air towards the fire simultaneously, they can channel-up the warm air between the stove-walls.

Near the stove-top, the wall bears some smaller holes. This preheated oxygen flow is channeled towards the fire through these holes, which results into the secondary combustion. This systematic heating process makes the fire burn fully. And it’s full combustion creates little smoke. Technically speaking, this Solo Stove Titan burns the wood once, then heats up the smoke twice.

Another handy attribute of this camp stove is it includes a heat shield placed between the stove-bottom and ash pan. The heat shield prevents the ground (under the stove) from any damage, like scorching.

The cooking ring bears an angled lip, which can direct the heat towards the cooking pot keeping the heat-loss at it’s minimum level. Though the lip allows the oxygen flow inside the burner, it serves like the windshield

It’s nichrome wire gate holds the twigs or woods or leaves properly.

One of the most important features that you will notice is in this stove is it’s double wall system. The double wall makes sure that no energy is going out which results in better cooking as the fuel burns more in this way. At the same time, as not a huge amount of energy is going out, the emission of smoke is also low. 

On the whole, Solo Stove Titan’s efficient design keeps a balance between efficient heating and maintaining green process. It not only aids the backpackers and/or campers, like you but also saves the nature.

Superb Heating Speed:

Nobody likes to spend an hour cooking while they are out near to nature. You went to camping because you wanted to have that closeness to nature. You can always cook delicious dishes at your home kitchen when you are not camping and this product understands the philosophy. You will always receive fast results with this stove.

Let us give you an example. You can easily boil water (34 fl oz) within 4 to 6 minutes in this stove which is pretty awesome. The camp stove is super speedy in terms of usage. It makes sure that you work fast so that you can enjoy the nature at your own speed. The premium stainless steel body along with the nylon stuff sack actually helps in speeding things.

Lightweight Body & Nice Shape:

It is more important to have a manageable weight with a quality shape than interesting colors or designs when it comes to the stove. Think about it for a second. You will hardly find any camper out there who won’t applaud you for this Solo Stove Titan. 

It’s height is around 5.6-inch (packed)/ 7.9-inch (assembled) where the diameter is around 5.1 inch. The shape of this stove really helps for it’s convenient outdoor-use. As this product has a brilliant shape, it is easy-to-store and compact in terms of backpacking. It’s sleek design will leave you enough space after storing it inside a backpack.

What is more, Solo Stove Titan is not that heavy that you will face issues. It’s weight (16.5 oz ) is convenient for anyone, including senior citizens, women and teenagers.

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Features of Solo Pot 1800:

Easy Handling:

The Solo Pot 1800 comes with steel handles. These handles are bear locking bail. You can fold this handles after use. This pot-surface bears a lift tab for easy handling. It includes rubber coating for cozy gripping.

Efficient Design:

Like the Solo Stove Titan, the Solo Pot 1800 comes with brilliant design. This pot bears pour spout, which helps in convenient pouring and prevents food-waste. Moreover, on the inner-side of the pot-wall, you will find measuring marks showing volume in oz and mL.

The pot can carry 1800mL or 61 fl.oz weight at maximum. It’s height is around 6.1 inch where the width is around 5.5 inch. You can easily keep this Solo Pot 1800 in your backpack.

Another interesting feature is, it’s nice shape with manageable weight (12.5 oz) allows you to hung it near your camp-area. The Solo Pot 1800 comes with a nylon-made stuff sack in black with a drawstring.

Common Features of Solo Stove Titan and Solo Pot 1800 Combo:

Sturdy Construction:

Both the Solo Stove Titan and Solo Stove 1800 are built with 304 stainless steel featuring the premium grade. The Solo Pot 1800 is exclusively designed to fit properly inside the Solo Stove Titan.

The Solo Pot 1800 is sturdier and more durable than the aluminum pots. These two items (Solo Stove Titan and the Solo Pot 1800) works great together. It’s really a nice combo both in terms of efficiency and appearance.

Trusted Brand:

When you are buying a stove, you want to make sure that you do not face trouble with it in future. What is the best way to ensure that? Well, the best way is to be with a brand which is trusted by most and has a brand value that is more than any competitors out there.

The Solo Stove brand has been there since ages and they are already featured in places like Discovery Channel, Backpacker Magazine and many more. From quality product up to brilliant customer service, this Solo Stove brand will always live up to your potential and that is a definite advantage to have with this one.

Solo Stove Titan Review: Video


  • This is a slightly bigger model than the original solo stove and it can be used in a small group.
  • Stove’s speedy performance can boil water (34 fl oz) in 4-6 minutes.
  • Stove uses natural fuel, like, twig, wood, leaves, etc.
  • Stove uses less fuel and creates less smoke.
  • Stove’s efficient design prevents heat-loss.
  • Both the Stove and pot are light-weight and takes smaller space for their sleek structures.
  • The combo is designed to suit backpackers.
  • The pot bears user-friendly lid with a lockable lift tab (rubber coated). 
  • The Pot includes Pour spout to ease pouring.
  • The Pot includes fold-able out handles (double) with folding/removable bail.
  • The inner side of pot includes Volume measure markings (oz & mL).
  • It comes with black nylon-made stuff sack and drawstring.
  • Recommended by two big role models: Matt Graham from Discovery Channel and Backpackers Magazine.
  • Brand Reputation.


  • The product attracts dust to some extent.
  • The chamber (combustion) is a bit shorter which means that you cannot use enough fuel at one time.

Final Verdict:

If you are a fan of the Discovery channel, then you must know the guy Matt Graham. He recommended this backpacking stove. It is also suggested by the Backpacker, a pioneer among the most popular Outdoor/camping related magazines. There is hardly any reason to ignore this great two-in-one combo product for the campers.

You may think that the Solo Stove Titan and Solo Pot 1800 Combo is comparatively expensive than other backpack/camp stoves. However, still, this product is worth buying if you are actually searching a good model of backpack/camp stove for a safe tour.

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