NTK Laredo GT 8/9 Person Sport Camping Tent Review 2019

NTK tents are continuously getting attention among the campers, hikers, backpackers and expediters who love to explore the nature safely. NTK represents the international brand of Nautika. The NTK tents are available in diverse size, shape and design offering range of functionalities. The NTK Laredo GT camping tent holds this legacy. Let’s see what it does offer!


NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm.

Key Features of NTK Laredo GT 8/9 Person Sport Camping Tent:

  • Easy Set UP:

Though NTK Laredo GT is a heavy-duty camping tent, it is easy to assemble within 15 minutes for 2 adults. Like the other NTK tents, the Laredo GT also comes with the advanced ping-and-ring technology. It reduces the investment of time and effort in the tent’s installation process. The provided color coded pole system makes it further easier to pitch this tent.

When you are done with the camping trip, you can simply disassemble the parts and accessories following instruction. Then, store it in the provided 32 x 12 x 12 inch carry bag. It’s reinforced straps supported with compression buckles assists in transporting the tent-bag.

  • Roomy with Enough Headroom:

The first thing you would notice about this tent is it’s spacious interior that is biggie enough to accommodate about 8/9 adults in sleeping bags. You can place as many as three double-sized mattress along with two twin mattress inside this huge tent. Certainly, NTK Laredo is a great tent for family camping, or sport camping.

What is more? This large tent offers a great standing height measuring about 6.2 feet. So, the tall campers can hover and change clothes inside the tent comfortably without bending heads.

  • Fully Covered Rainfly:

NTK Laredo GT tent is compatible for 3 seasons, including summer, spring and fall. Unlike the average grade fair weather tents, this NTK tent comes with a functional rainfly offering full coverage to the tent body from top to bottom. The tent fabric is built with polyurethane coated 190T polyester featuring 2500mm water column.

Furthermore, the outer fabric bears include some portions of aluminum with sealed seam. During the manufacturing stage, these materials undergo the heat-welded technology. What is more? This outer layer or rainfly offers UV protection.

  • Livable Inner Tent:

The inner tent is made of breathable 190T Polyester featuring Micro Mosquito NO-SEE-UM® Mesh fabric. The Micro Mosquito Mesh not only keeps away the insects and bugs from the tent-interior; but offers improved ventilation and added privacy.

NTK Laredo is a great tent for family camping as well as sport camping; because it’s interior is provided with exclusive gear loft, where you can store camping gears or any other kind of things. Moreover, you can store your essential accessories in the utility pockets provided inside the tent and hook a lantern in the provided “O” ring.

  • Sturdy Frame:

What makes this NTRK tent Laredo standing out from it’s similar priced competitors is it’s sturdy framework. This tent-frame features 100% virgin fiberglass poles blessed with advanced Nano-Flex technology. Thanks to the manufacturer for applying, ferrule hardware that bears dual gold chrome plated parts assemblage by durable elastic bungee. The whole mechanism assures a robust interconnected construction among the poles as well as the rest parts.

  • Floor Design & Material:

The design and construction of a tent-floor is crucial to pass it on the race of weather compatibility. This NTK Laredo tent comes with a tough floor constructed with seam-less polyethylene fabric. In addition to that the inner layer of this tent-floor is provided with thermal silver coatings, which keeps the floor dry preventing water penetration.

Like the other NTK tents, Laredo GT offers state-of-the-art tub flooring construction running through the tent sides. Buying NTK Laredo you can get rid of the nightmares of waking up in puddling. Another bonus is the floor has anti-fungal property which makes it long-lasting.

  • Entrance, Ventilation and Privacy:

The inner tent has two large doors bearing D-style. The doors come with double panel construction featuring mosquito-net with durable fabric. It’s clever design keeps the entrance protected from rain-water.

As mentioned before, the inner tent is built with micro net ant-mosquito no-see mesh fabric. It lets the fresh air circulate inside the tent and keeps the inner ambient healthy. In addition to that, the mesh walls offer you enough privacy in the midst of nature.

  • Security:

NTK Tents are not only rich in design but also reliable for security. You would be happy knowing that the NTK Laredo tent complies with the flammability requirements under CPAI-84. What else you want?

  • Brand Reputation:

NTK is the global brand of Nautika, one of the prominent brands for producing Outdoor Lifestyle especially Family Camping product-lines in Brazil. NTK is working to build innovative top-quality camping products since 1974. The NTK tent-line has got reputation from the outdoor enthusiast people.

Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions: 6.23 x 15.09 x 10.17 feet
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 to 9 Adults
  • Peak Height: 6.23 feet or 1.90m
  • Weight: 23.59 lbs or 10.7kg
  • Weather Compatibility: 3 Seasons
  • Rainfly Fabric: polyurethane coated 190T polyester (2500mm water column + UV protection).
  • Inner Tent Material: 190T breathable Polyester + NO-SEE-UM ant-mosquito micro mesh fabric
  • Frame Material: Fiberglass poles + chrome plated ferrules
  • Floor Material: Anti-fungal Seamless polyethylene
  • Door Elements: 2 doors (D-style)
  • Design Type: Freestanding
  • Security:  CPAI-84 flammability requirements
  • Recommended Use: Family Camping
  • Manufacturer: NTK.


  • Spacious for 8 to 9 adults with enough headroom.
  • Mesh fabric walls assures privacy and ventilation.
  • Water-resistant and UV guarded fully covered rainfly.
  • Silver coated anti-fungal thermal floor.
  • Complies with security standards.


  • It requires about 15 minutes to set-up the tent by 2 adults.
  • This camping tent is quite heavy.
  • It is a fair weather tent, not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Bottom Line:

NTK has a rich heritage of producing reliable outdoor gears since 1974. The NTK tents are rich in material quality, up-to-date technology, innovative design concepts, etc. The NTK Laredo GT is a reliable member of NTK tent-lines offering a spacious interior, water-resistant plus UV-guard rainfly, sturdy breathable inner tent and heavy-duty water-resistant floor.

It’s inner space is livable and secured from insects. It is blessed with a bunch of modern construction techniques including neon-flex technology, tub flooring, PU coated rainfly, silver coated thermal floor, etc. The NTK Laredo GT is one of the best 8 person tents 2019. Hope it helps!

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