MSR WindBurner Stove System Review 2019

If you need a good fighter stove to work in a windy weather situation or a colder region, then the MSR WindBurner Stove System deserves a fair chance to be reviewed. It is one of the best backpack stoves built by the popular brand MSR.

It’s efficient design and reliable performance would make your outdoor tour safer and enjoyable, even in the worst weather conditions. This all-in-one backpack stove model is available under affordable price-range.

In this MSR Stove review article, we are going to look deep at this product. Let’s start.


MSR WindBurner Personal Stove System.

Main Features of MSR WindBurner Stove System:

All Weather Compatibility:

You may be a little bit surprised hearing the term ‘Windburner’. Here is the reason. The manufacturer has specially designed this backpacking stove to work in the windy and coolest weather situations.

It is difficult to believe that this MSR Windburner Camp Stove can even continue the cooking process when it is raining.

As the burner and the reactor are placed inside the unit it can work safely in the unfavorable weather conditions. We can confidently say only a few stoves can offer you such an exclusive attribute under similar price-range.

Radiant Burner – Reactor Technology:

MSR Stove Windburner Cooking System comes with a radiant burner. It operates through reactor technology. This MSR Stove can produce both convective heat as well as radiant heat. Let’s see how the Reactor technology works.

When the stove’s reactor starts operating, the gas flows out from it’s canister passing through an integrated pressure regulator. This system includes two jets for injecting the fuel inside a cavity placed under the built-in porous disc.

Then, the fuel gets mixed up with the air and passes through the disc-pores. And, ignition takes place above the disc surface.

It creates an evenly spreading flame resulting consistent-heating. The temperature level reaches 3600°F and 1600°F for the flame and the protective mesh (placed upon the disc) respectively.

Heat Exchanger:

The MSR WindBurner Stove System unit comes in a 1.0L size has a fine design and feature which is called as the heat exchanger feature.

The heat exchanger actually allows you to manage the stove in an easier and in a better fashion. It is important to make sure that the heat that is exhausted from the stove is channeled properly.

Do you know that heat from the stove can actually cause a jungle get completely damaged by fire? Channeling the heat that you generate from the stove is very important and this is a product that allows you to do so.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the safety of not only yours but also of the nature around you then this is a good option for you to go for.

Faster Heating Performance:

While we were doing our research on this product, we came to know an interesting story. There was a camp in Canada and there were two groups competing on who can boil water faster.

The group that won ten times more than the other group used to use a Windburner from MSR. The product is so fast in producing results that you actually will be in shock.

We knew it was going to be fast but we did not expect it to be that fast, to be honest. It can boil about 600 ml water for 2-1/2 minutes. This result is amazing and satisfying as no campers want to waste time in cooking and boiling water no matter how foodie he or she is.

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Efficient Design- Handy Accessories:

Are you into good designs? Or should we ask are you into weird designs? An intelligent design can reduce heat-loss, minimize the cooking/boiling duration and make a stove work more efficiently. Now let us head back to the question that we initially asked.

The reason that we asked that question is that this MSR WindBurner Backpacking Stove System has one of the most interesting designs that you will find in a backpack/camp stove. It looks like a mix of rocket and a big blending machine which is super interesting. Here goes some exclusive design-efficiency of this MSR Stove.

  • At the stove-top, you will find a lid (BPA-free) bearing two-openings. There is an opening for drinking purposes which means that you can actually directly drink from the stove. There is also a straining port system which helps you otherwise. See, here is the thing!
  • Then, it includes a burner screen placed on the upper-side of it’s plastic-made ring (black). This accessory would help you to handle this unit safely, while it is sitting over the gas canister during cooking.
  • This stove-package includes an Aluminum pot (volume 1 liter) featuring integrated heat-exchanger facility as well as a removable insulated handle. So, you can heat-up the food/liquid properly, then hold the pot without getting a hand-burn.
  • You can also cook/boil the food/water using it’s plastic container (360ml) offering a snug-fit to the lid.
  • Interestingly, this package is provided with a small piece of cloth. It would keep the inner places of the pots/stove dry and scratch-free.
  • This unit includes a foldable canister stand offering stability to this MSR stove.

Let’s state MSR Windburner Backpack Stove’s design-efficiency in a simpler language. Isn’t it awesome to have two different lids for two pots of your needs? You do not have to open up or shut the stove to access to these features.

We all know that you can actually close the stove, take a bowl and do these same things otherwise too without the help of these ports.

Even then, we think that these are easy to have as they make your life a bit easier. At the end of a tiresome hectic day, a convenient cooking system truly matters for a hiker/backpacker/camper.

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Easy to Backpack:

All of it’s body-parts can be fixed with each-other in a compact mode. It reduces the size of this stove and this compact unit weighs about 600gm (without fuel canister). It is easy-to-store inside a backpack. The product is in the perfect shape bearing sleek body (dimensions 4.5 x 8.3 x 4.5 inches).

It’s weight and shape make this MSR Windburner Outdoor Stove super easy to carry for the backpackers. You can easily carry the unit on your shoulder bag or in a small suitcase if you carry one.

We have seen a lot of people who carry it on their hand with the small handle that is attached to the main stove. Easy carrying is important because none of us want to spend extra calories in carrying something like a stove up to the mountain no matter how hungry we are or become. 

Brand Reputation:

You are buying this product and the main focus should be there but the brand also plays a part. A good brand never troubles with things such as customer support or warranty services. That is one benefit to cherish for.

The MSR WindBurner Camping Stove System is a backpacking stove built by the popular brand MSR. If you are into stoves or if you are researching about stoves for even two days, you might have heard about the brand MSR as they are a famous one in the world of stoves.

MSR Windburner Stove Review:


  • It’s radiant burner features evenly spreading flame resulting consistent-heating. 
  • It’s burner and reactor can work safely in the unfavorable weather conditions, like windy, rainy and coolest weather. 
  • It’s heat exchanger feature prevents any risk of the fire accident.
  • Faster heating performance can boil about 600 ml water for 2-1/2 minutes
  • A very easy unit to carry around in terms of the shape and lightweight.
  • Lightening fast in terms of weight.
  • Very fuel efficient and user-friendly to use.


  • Cannot cook for a lot of people at once. This is more of a solo stove.
  • You cannot cook anything in it without water.
  • The temp control can’t go low enough to protect the food.
  • You need to buy the fuel canister separately.

Final Verdict:

It is truly a reliable backpack stove to go for. People who have been using this MSR Windburner Stove System for a long time are really happy with the service that they received. This all-rounder stove can cook efficiently in windy, rainy and/or coolest weather.

It’s smart design prevents heat-loss and provides faster heating service. This MSR Stove bears a reasonable price-tag that average people can afford. In fact, we could hardly find a big issue to tell you to avoid this model. 

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