MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove Review 2019

Are you an adventure-loving person, who wanna go for backpacking and camping in the back-country region? Then, you may have heard about the MSR Whisperlite stove. 

This time-tested camping stove has won the trust of the campers for more than a decade. However, in this article, we have reviewed the latest version of this model named, the MSR Whisperlite Universal Stove.

We have done some research by curiosity and found that MSR’s Whisperlite stove performs better than it’s ancestor MSR stove. It is one of the best backpack and camp stove 2019.

In this MSR WhisperLite Universal Review article, you can read about it’s key features, pros, and cons. Hope it makes your next adventure safer and more enjoyable!


MSR WhisperLite Universal Canister and Liquid Fuel Stove.

Key Features of MSR WhisperLite Stove Universal:

Hybrid Fuel Usability:

While you go for camping in a lonely forest/desert/back-country, you can’t expect shops for buying any type fuel you need. So, it is much safer to carry a backpack or camp stove that works with multiple types of fuels.

Thanks to MSR for their Whisperlite Universal model, as it can work with a range of fuel-categories, including, Kerosene, White gas, Isobutane-propane, and Auto

In fact, among the MSR Stove series, this model appears as the first one, which can combine the canister fuel with liquid fuel under the same package.

If you prefer white gas, a 20-ounce canister can give about 110-minute burn time. Another option is the MSR IsoPro fuel. It’s eight-ounce canister features about 75 minutes of burn time.

And the cheaper solution is kerosene. It’s 20-ounce canister can burn for 155-minute duration. What is more, this MSR Whisperlite kit comes with separate jets and couplers for specific fuels as well as fuel sources, which make the hybrid-fuel usage process safer and easier.

Efficient Heating Performance:

At the end of a tiresome day, the performance of your camp stove is the first thing that truly matters, when you want some water/food to boil/cook. A stove is of no use, if it fails to create consistent heat boil water or cook food properly.

From this viewpoint, MSR WhisperLite Backpack Stove Universal is a true blessing for the backpackers as well as campers. It can boil water fast.

You would really enjoy it’s efficient flame control feature. You can even get a low simmer, which is unthinkable for many backpack stoves out there. If you boil one liter of water, it will take 3.5-min, 4.4-min, 3.75-min for White Gas, Kerosene and IsoPro respectively.

For every fuel canister weighing about 8 oz. you can boil about 25-liter, 35-liter and 15-liter water for White Gas, Kerosene and IsoPro respectively.

Using every ounce of fuel, this MSR WhisperLite Outdoor Stove Universal is capable of boiling about 1.3-liter, 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter water for White Gas, Kerosene, and IsoPro respectively.

Upgraded Version of Whisperlite:

The MSR WhisperLite Stove system was built by the popular brand MSR about more than 25 years ago. It is one of the best camp stoves out their still today.

As we have mentioned earlier that the MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove is an upgraded version of the old Whisperlite model.

It has overcome all the limitations of it’s ancestor and bears more user-friendly features on it’s each nuts and bolts. In the following paragraphs, We have listed out the key improvements of this MSR camp stove over it’s ancestor model.

  1. Wide Spreading Legs: The upgraded leg-design is capable of holding heavier loads. Stainless steel construction can prevent deformation of legs.
  2. Holds Large-size Pan: The MSR Whisperlite Camping Stove Universal model includes pot-supports featuring serrated design. This design-idea helps the burner to hold a large-size cooking pan with greater stability.
  3. Multiple Fuel Usage: Unlike the previous model, the newest Universal model can burn both the Gas-type and liquid-type fuels.
  4. Better Flame Adjustment: MSR Whisperlite’s Universal Model offers an improved simmering control feature. The magic lies into its assembly designs, which enables this stove to capture the heat close to it’s generator tube.
  5. Canister Inverter Stand: This latest model stove can run efficiently while the fuel canister is kept upside-down using the included Canister inverter stand. This innovative addition makes this Whisperlite Universal model usable for the freezing weather conditions. 
  6. Easier Priming: The Universal model’s assembly design can capture the heat near it’s generator tube. It makes the priming task fast and effortless.

Exclusive AirControl technology:

Unlike the average grade cheaper stoves, the MSR company applies latest technologies to make their products more efficient and user-friendly. In the WhisperLite Universal Stove, the manufacturer MSR has applied AirControl technology.

It helps better flame adjustment, which provides improved heating performance in turn. MSR is going to take the patent for this high-tech feature. So, you won’t find such a great attribute in any other stove out there.

All Inclusive Package:

MSR WhisperLite Backpacking Stove Universal comes with a range of parts and accessories along with proper instructions at the time of purchase.

These items include stainless steel stove with folded legs, 3 jets, several valves, unscrewing tool, fuel hose, pump system, canister adapter, liquid fuel adapter, Aluminum heat shield, clip, canister inverter stand, Aluminum windscreen, instruction manual, and Bag.

Sturdy Built with Compact Design:

Like the other MSR stoves, this WhisperLite Universal model bears a sturdy structure. It’s stove is built with stainless steel. Both of it’s heat-shield and windshield are built with Aluminum. It’s wide-spreading stainless steel built legs come in a folded status.

Though MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove is not ultralight, it is not bulky at all. This unit comes in a sack. It weighs 0.72 pounds only. And packed weight is about 1.65 pounds. It takes smaller space in your packing due it’s compact design featuring suitable dimensions (8˝ x 8 ˝ x 6 ˝).

All Season Stove:

Camping can be done any season anywhere if you take proper tools and gadgets with you. A crazy camper loves adventure and dares to set out for camping in any type weather. 

It doesn’t matter, whether the weather is simmering hot, or freezing cold, this MSR WhisperLite Camp Stove Universal can be your trusted companion for all-season camping.

Actually, it’s accessories help this unit to work properly even in unfavorable weather. This stove kit includes a piece of folded aluminum which takes a round-shape when unfolded.

This heat-shield allows you to place the stove on the ground or even ice. It also provides a Canister inverter stand, which facilitates to flip this canister to flow the inner fuel like liquid.

This feature is quite handy during the freezing weather. What is more, this stove comes with a windshield, which protects the flame from the impact of wind.

Except for the natural disaster incidents, WhisperLite Universal Stove’s heating performance is fine for any type weather.

Cost-effective Solution:

Another issue is the cost of fuel. White gas fuel is expensive but doesn’t pollute the environment. On the other hand, kerosene is cheaper but creates smoke.

If you buy MSR WhisperLite Camping Stove Universal, you can mix-up both types fuel and this hybrid would not only reduce your fuel-costing but also create much less air pollution. So, this MSR WhisperLite Stove’s Universal model is both cost-effective and eco-friendly.

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It is not obligatory to look for USA built products. But it is no less than a windfall if you are looking for a reliable camp stove and then find one with great features under reasonable price-range along with the made-in-USA tag.

This thing can happen if you wanna buy MSR WhisperLite Stove Universal kit. It is made in Seattle, WA, USA. So, it can be expected that you would get better support from the manufacturer regarding product quality, warranty matters, etc.

Brand Reputation:

Before purchasing any product, we need to focus on what amenities it does offer. Besides this, we should check out whether the product is produced by a trusted brand/company.

From our real-life experiences, we know that the good brands give fewer troubles with warranty issues and offer better customer support. That is one benefit to cherish for.

If you are a pro about outdoor stoves or doing little research about camp stoves for a few days, you may know about the global reputation of the MSR brand.

This company has got a huge reputation for their MSR stove series featuring compact size, Cascade Designs, thermostat technology, etc.

Another great advantage of buying MSR Stoves is their replacement parts are highly available in most of the places of cities as well as rural areas.

And it can be hoped that these parts would be continuously available for many years in future. This is another advantage of using branded products.

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove Review: Video


  • Multiple Fuel Usability.
  • Compatible with all type weather conditions.
  • Handy Accessories.
  • An upgraded version of ancestor model.
  • Compact Design.
  • Easy availability of parts.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Trusted Brand.
  • Made in USA.


  • Doesn’t work with diesel or alcohol.
  • A little bit weighty for backpackers.
  • Pricier than average backpack stoves.

Final Verdict:

MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove is an upgraded version of previous MSR Whisperlite stove, which has been serving the campers for more than two decades.

This new model comes with smarter and ergonomic designs along with modern technologies, like AirControl feature. But it’s price-tag is still under affordable range.

This USA-made product offers a lifetime warranty. Buying MSR Stove’s WhisperLite Universal model, you are free to enjoy camping anywhere any season.

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