Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent Review 2019

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent Review 2019

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore the nature in every season? Or are you on search for a 4 season 8-person tent? If yes, then have a look on the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow 8 Person Deluxe tent. Here goes a detail review of Kodiak Canvas tent 10×14 including key features, pros, cons and technical specs.


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent.

Key Features of Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 Person tent:

  • Easy-to Install:

Though the Flex Bow tent 10×14 looks big, it takes only few minutes for one person to assemble this tent. When it is staked out, the flex-bow frame is easy to set up. The tent kit comes with a handy storage bag featuring strap-and-clinch system. It can easily lodge all the parts and accessories without cramming.

  • Spacious Interior:

It’s base area measures about 10 by 14 feet. This huge interior space can accommodate 8 persons in sleeping bag. It features steep walls allowing broader interior space for placing beds or other gears.

  • Storage Space:

This high-end tent offers a gear loft along with organizer pockets system that provide a considerable amount of space to camping, or hunting gear. The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow tent is a great tent for family camping as well as hunting group camping.

  • Large Awning:

Not too many tents offer this provision. The Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 Person tent is blessed with an 84-by-78 inch awning that can be used for various purposes. You can sit under the awning, drink and have chat with your family members, friends, or companions. Besides, the awning provides a shaded place to keep shoes, clothes or other gears. In addition, the awning offers a dry entrance towards the tent-interior.

  • Amazing Ceiling Height:

It is often very much bothering for the taller people to bend their heads and necks while standing or changing cloths or moving inside a regular tent. It happens due to the shallow peak height of the average tents.

Thanks to the manufacturer to overcome this problem in this Kodiak Flex Bow tent. It comes with a superb standing height of 6 feet and 6 inches.

  • Hydra-Shield Canvas:

The canvas of this tent is built with 100% cotton premium grade duck canvas fabric. The specialty of duck canvas fabric is it features hydra-shield nature. This fabric is plain but tightly woven featuring silicone dry finished appearance which makes it water-repellent yet breathable.

This watertight fabric reduces air-condensation preventing water penetration and muggy ambient inside the tent. Adding to these, the Duck Canvas is built with double-fill style assuring heavy-duty performance for many years.

  • Flex-Bow Frame:

The Kodiak Canvas tents feature exclusive flex-bow frame construction. The frame is composed of tempered, Flex-Bow spring steel built rods featuring 3/8-inch diameter each. The hefty steel stakes are 12-inch long. These elements strengthen the tent’s structure. Furthermore, the frame is supported by galvanized steel made pole tubes featuring one-inch diameter each. These poles keep the tent stable and rigid against violent wind blows.

  • Waterproof Floor:

Like the other parts, the floor comes with heavy-duty and seam-less manufacturing. The tent-floor is made of 16 ounce vinyl reinforced by standard Polyester fabric. Fine-workmanship enables the floor keeping the water out even if it showers heavily. Moreover, the floor fabric is puncture-resistant. It lasts for many years if cared properly.

  • Four-Season Tent:

What makes the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 Person tent unique from the other 8 person family or hunting tents is it’s weather resistance. Unlike the usual fair season tents, this Flex Bow tent is compatible for all seasons throughout the year. When you won the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow tent, you can go for hunting or family camping whether it rains or snows.

  • Well-Planned Ventilation:

As mentioned before, the tent’s canvas fabric is breathable keeping the inner ambient cool. The tent comes with four numbers of large sized windows featuring no-see-um mesh net fabric. So, it not only offers enough privacy; but also allows cross circulation of air inside the tent.

Thanks to the designers for adding two more vents featuring funnel-flow system that further enhances the in-flow and out-flow of air inside the tent and keeps the inner ambient cooler and highly livable.

  • Easy Entrance – Two Zipper Doors:

The designers have added two D-style big doors to this tent. These entrances facilitate the campers to enter or exit the tent comfortably. These large sized doors improve the air-movement into the tent.

What is more? Both doors bear top-rated YKK zipper attachments. You can easily zip up the doors during night times as well as unfavorable weather situations. Simultaneously, you can keep the doors open to enjoy the sunny weather as well.

  • Brand Reputation:

Kodiak Canvas is getting popular day by day among the campers, hikers, as well as hunters who love to explore the nature all seasons throughout the year. The specialty of Kodiak tent lines is their state-of-the-art design and top-class material. The Kodiak tents last longer than the average grade cheaper tents.

The Kodiak tents share a common but high-end feature that is all of them are built with hydra-shield canvas material. This exclusive fabric enables the tent withstanding constant rains, strong winds and moderate snow-falls.


  • Easy to set up within a few minutes.
  • Accommodates 8 people in sleeping bags.
  • Offers great standing height making the tent-interior comfy for taller people.
  • Ceiling and walls are built with hydra-shield canvas that keeps the tent ambient fresh, and dry.
  • Flex-bow frame can withstand strong blows of wind and rain.
  • Water-resistant floor keeps the tent-interior dry.
  • Suitable for camping or hunting round the year.
  • Proper ventilation through 4 mesh-windows, 2 vents and 2 zipper doors.
  • Large awning offers a dry entry and space for chitchat.
  • Comes with gear loft and organizer pockets for storing goods.


  • It is not suitable for heavy snow falls or mountaineering in extreme winter.
  • It is comparatively pricier than average tents.

Technical Specs:

  • Base Dimensions: 10 x 14 feet
  • Awning Dimensions: 84 x 78 inches
  • Peak Height: 78 inches
  • Weight: 84.6 pounds
  • Sleeping Capacity: 8 persons
  • Elements: 2 D-style doors, 4 mesh-windows, awning, etc.
  • Tent Ceiling material: 10 ounces Hydra-Shield canvas
  • Tent Wall material: 8.5 ounces Hydra-Shield canvas
  • Tent Floor material: 16 ounces polyester-reinforced vinyl w/ welded seams
  • Tent Frame Material: 1-inch galvanized steel tubing
  • Tent Rod Material: 3/8-inch solid spring steel Flex-Bow rods
  • Weather Compatibility: 4 seasons
  • Recommended Use: Family Camping or Hunting
  • Manufacturer: Kodiak Canvas

Bottom Line:

Whether it is snowing or raining, Kodiak Flex Bow tent is a trusted friend for the outdoor enthusiasts. This 4-season 8 person tent comes with spacious interior, superb peak height, exclusive hydra-shield canvas built ceiling and walls, flex-bow frame, vinyl floor, gear loft storage space, large awning, user-friendly carry bag, etc. From top to bottom the Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8 Person tent bears the sign of quality materials and intelligent design concepts. It is certainly one of the best family/hunting tents available in 2019. Hope it helps!

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