Jetboil Zip Camping Stove Cooking System, Carbon Review 2019

Are you someone, who love visiting backcountry regions and enjoying nature, whenever there is a vacation? If yes, then the JetBoil ZiP cooking system could be useful for you.

This is a simpler version of the Jetboil’s Personal Cooking System models. It’s a great backpacking stove under affordable range. Let’s see what it offers.


Jetboil Zip Camping Stove Cooking System, Carbon.

Key Features of JetBoil ZiP Cooking System:

Great Boiling Device:

JetBoil ZiP Stove includes a stainless steel burner. It doesn’t include any igniter; so you need to carry a match or other lighter to lit this burner.

This burner is simple-to-use. It comes with an adjusting knob. It allows you to control the fuel usage. However, it is not very efficient like the Jetboil Minimo or Flash models. But still, this stove can boil water in less time with great efficiency.

From field test, we have found that this Jetboil Zip Stove can boil about 1/2 liter (500 ml) water in 2-min and 30-sec only. Using this Jetboil stove you can boil water or prepare soup, choco milk, coffee, instant noodles or any other type dehydrated food.

Sturdy Construction:

Like the other Jetboil stoves, the JetBoil ZiP includes a hard anodized aluminum built cooking cup. But why to use aluminum? The foremost benefit of Aluminum (Al) is that it is light-weight. The second benefit is that AL is an efficient heat exchanger material.

While boiling/cooking, the Al distributes the heat efficiently at a faster rate. And the burner cooks/boils the food/liquid faster without burning. On the other hand, the Jetboil Zip’s burner part is built with stainless steel, which is sturdy and rust-proof.

Patented Heat Exchanger:

Jetboil stoves offer patented FlexRing heat exchanger technology. If you look close to the bottom-side of this Jetboil Zip model’s cooking-cup, you find a FluxRing structure.

It clips on to the cooking cup firmly with the burner. Now, when the burner is lit, the cooking-cup can efficiently distribute the heat. It also saves the heat-loss.

What is more, this special design confines the flame, which serves as an integrated windshield. Thanks to the manufacturer for combining design efficiency with modern technology in the Jetboil Zip Backpacking Stove.

Versatile Lid:

This JetBoil ZiP system’s cooking-cup bears a plastic lid. It offers versatile benefits. First, it provides a snug fit to it’s cooking-cup.

Second, it comes with a large hole. It would let you sip the inner liquid contents (water, coffee, chocolate drink, etc.) directly from this cup. This insulated lid won’t burn your mouth, even you can sip right after boiling.

Another great advantage is the lid bears range of small holes. Those holes allow you to strain the water (or any liquid) easily.

It is a very handy feature when you cook rice or similar food. So, this multipurpose lid can save your time and energy from being wasted in pouring the water/food to another pan.

Insulated Neoprene Cover:

Jetboil Zip cooking cup comes with an insulated neoprene cover with a nylon handle. It allows you to move the cooking-cup safely without burning hand, even when it is sitting on the burner.

Adding to this, this insulated cover helps to keep the inner food/liquid remain warm for a little longer time when the cooking/boiling is already done. The neoprene cover also bears a sleeve, where you can store a spoon/fork.

Stable Tripod Stand:

Certainly, it is a bad experience, if your water/food get wasted when you are too much hungry after ending a day-long hiking/trailing.

Like the other models, JetBoil ZiP kit also includes a tripod stand. It enables the stove unit stably stand over an uneven ground. As this stand helps the unit to maintain balance, it won’t let the stove tumble down with your water/food.

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Measurement Cup:

This JetBoil ZiP Camping Stove comes with a plastic-built cup. It is placed below the FluxRing, as a protective cap.

This small cup also bears some marking (measurements in ml unit) on it’s side-wall. Using this measuring cup, you can add the desired amount of water to the cooking cup. Moreover, you can use this cup to eat/drink.

Compact & Lightweight:

The specialty of JetBoil ZiP cooking system is that it weighs 12 oz. or 345-gram, which is light-weight compared to other models. Because it’s cooking-cup features 0.8-liter volume only.

This entire unit takes a compact size, when you put the burner, tripod stand and fuel canister (100-gram) inside the cooking cup. And fit the lid over the cooking-cup and the measuring cup below the FluxRing – under the bottom of the cooking-cup.

This internal storage system keeps the parts and accessories together, there is less chance to lose them. In packed status, it’s dimensions are about 4.1 (W) x 6.5 (H) inches or 104 (W) x 165 (H) mm. 

Fuel Efficiency:

JetBoil ZiP lightweight cooking system works with Jetpower fuel canister. It contains isobutane-and-propane. These Jetpower fuel canisters are sold separately.

A 100-gram canister of Jetpower fuel can boil about 12-liter water. It is equivalent to 100 measuring cups. Jetpower fuel is cheap and easily available.

JetBoil ZiP Cooking System Review: Video

To get better ideas you can watch this video containing Jetboil Zip Stove Review. 

JetBoil ZiP Stove Specs:

  • Total Volume: 0.8-liter (27 oz.).
  • Dimensions: 4.1 (W) x 6.5 (H) inches
  • Weight: 12-ounce.
  • Fuel: isobutane & propane.
  • Total Boil time: 2-1/2 minutes (for 1/2 liter water).
  • Total energy per Jetpower canister (100-gram): 12-liter water boiled.
  • Material: Hard-anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.
  • Accessories: Cooking-cup, Burner, Protective cup, and Tri-pod Stand.


  • Lightweight (12 oz or 345 g).
  • Compact design (4.1″ x 6.5″).
  • Boils 16 oz. (500 ml) water in 2-min 30-sec.
  • Lid bears strainer & sipping hole.
  • Both cooking cup and small cup bear measuring marks.
  • Several Color Options.
  • Brand Reputation.
  • Affordable.


  • Suitable for only the solo campers.
  • No built-in igniter included.
  • Kit doesn’t include Fuel canister and pot support.

Final Verdict:

Jetboil is one of most reliable companies who produce outdoor stoves and related accessories. They have brought series of stove models under different price-range with diversified specifications.

JetBoil ZiP Cooking System is a simpler version of the advanced Jetboil stoves, like Solo, Flash, or Minimo model. It is a reliable backpack-gear that can assist a backpacker in his/her respective journey to nowhere. 

However, JetBoil Zip stove is a reliable survival kit. This lightweight outdoor stove is great only for the solo hikers, trailer, backpackers or campers, who don’t like to carry much weight in their backpacks.

Not to mention, this Jetboil Zip Backpack Stove offers a good value for it’s price. We recommend this JetBoil stove for solo traveling.

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