Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System Review 2018

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Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is actually one of the newest stove models that is out there. We always talk about how old a stove brand is and how long they have been in business to establish that their products will definitely be good but the case is a bit different here. Think about it. It is true that an old stove brand comes with a lot of benefits but there are some obstacles too. New brands are well equipped with the latest technologies and they know the latest situation of the market. Therefore, the new brands can easily figure out what the customers want from a new cooking system. Anyway, in this article, we will be covering Jetboil which is one of the recent released stove models. Let’s see what it offers.

Features of Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System:

Thermo Regulate Technology:

Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System features Thermo-regulation. There are a ton of benefits of a quality thermo regulate technology. The thermo regulate technology was initially not there in any stove. Then a few companies started to experiment with different extra features for stove models and thus this feature came into existence. There are two types benefits of a thermo regulate technology. The passive benefit is doing something good for the environment and some other facts but we should not be considering those here in this section. The thermo regulate technology actually allows you to hold a perfect heat for a long period of time. Having constant heat helps you to cook in a better way and boil in an even better fashion.


The Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is actually a very convenient model to have in your camping time. The new model of stoves is all convenient and this one is not different from the crowd. It is a new crowd so does not think anything negative about it. There is a push button igniter in this model which will make sure that you do not face any difficulty in turning the stove on or off. See, you have to understand the concept behind this. Previously, we had keys in our cars but then came the push button start system. Is it because we couldn’t turn the key halfway to the right to start our car? No, it came because we needed something more convenient and new for our comfort. The case is exactly the same here too.


Before getting into telling you how fast this stove is in producing results, you should know that you are not allowed to cook in this Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System. We probably should have told you about this earlier. Well, we are extremely sorry that we couldn’t because the article is formatted in this fashion. You cannot cook foods in this machine as this is only designed to deal with liquids. So you can have as much coffee or boiled water as you want with this one but you cannot cook hard dishes. If you are a bit tricky, you can always find a way with pasta or noodles so keep those in mind.

Budget Stove:

There are many of us who do not want to buy a stove for longer needs. There can be a ton of reasons behind that. May be you are someone who will only be going to a camping journey once in every three to four years. There is literally no point in buying a quality stove and keeping it in store for that long. There is an alternative option that you should use which is simply buying a budget model that you will buy and use once or twice before reselling it or giving it away to a camping group. Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is exactly one of those products. This product is great as a budget product but do not think that this is a bad product in any sense because it actually is not. The product is good but as we have seen that people who have budget issues go with this one, we described this angle too.

Here is Video Review on Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System


  • Very convenient to use and you do not even need to think twice before operating it.
  • The push button igniter helps in difficult situations.
  • It comes with flux ring cooking cup types which is a fun addition to the package.


  • You cannot cook food with this cooking system; you can only boil water and liquids.
  • The machine might not be as durable as some other ones out there with a bit of higher price.

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Final Verdict:

You have to be very careful at the end of the day to decide whether you should go for Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System or not. If your intention is to go for something quick then this might be an option for you. On the other hand, if you are a regular camper and need a suitable solution then this might not be the product that you are looking for.

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