Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove Review 2019

If you are looking for a heavy-duty outdoor stove that runs with dual fuel, then check out the Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse stoveColeman is one of the most pioneer brands in the stove industry and we had to do enough research to find everything that we wanted to portray for the product Powerhouse. Let’s start with the features and then we will head towards the pros and cons of Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove.


Coleman Guide Series Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stove.

Features of Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove:

Dual Fuel Design:

The first benefit or feature that you should know about Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove is the dual fuel design. There are two different fuel channels that this stove uses and you can imagine what happens when a powerhouse like this uses two separate fuel channels. Let us tell you the negatives quickly.

As it uses two different fuel channels, it burns fuel a lot faster than some other stoves out there. You have to take it into consideration if you want to use such a powerful model like this one because the benefits are immense too. It offers faster heating. For instance, you can boil 1-quart water within 3.5 minutes. What is more, this model comes with extra filtering funnels.

This Dual Fuel design can burn the Coleman® Liquid Fuel or unleaded gasoline fuel conveniently. Here the point to note is that 1-gallon amount of Coleman® Liquid Fuel is equivalent to about 4.5 cylinders amount of propane. The manufacturer claims that Coleman® Liquid Fuel features clean-burning process. So, it is an Eco-friendly choice.  

Powerful Heating Capacity:

There are a lot of stove models out there who tells you that they are powerful. Well, it is a tough thing to judge because in many cases, those stoves are actually powered up to their standards but if we think about this Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove model then we have to say that nothing is as powerful as this one in the stove industry right now.

If we talk about the BTU power then you will be amazed to know that this stove actually has around 17,000 BTU of cooking power in every station which is amazing. Between this two-burner, one features as high as 13,500 BTU and the other one can create up to 11,000 BTU heating power. Using both burners at a time, you can boil water and/or cook meals within a few minutes. If you are looking for power, this is definitely your solution to go for.

Wind Block Panels:

What is the application of shield burners? Don’t you think if the shield burners were not affected due to wind, the result would have been much better? That is exactly what Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove does. As there are wind block panels (not one but a few of them), it becomes easier for the machine to produce quality food at ease without the disturbance from the wind.

The panels can also be adjusted for different pan sizes so it is not like that you can use the advantage of panels only once and that is it. This is a unique feature and this definitely adds value to the machine.

Band-a Blu Burner:

It is beyond doubt that the burner is the most important part or equipment for any stove and this company ensured that they have the best in the lot. When most stove companies don’t use a quality burner or an ordinary one with no extra value, the brand Coleman actually made sure that they have a world class burner installed in this Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series stove model.

This high-capacity burner is known as Band-a-Blu burner.  It can accommodate two pans at the same time with base-diameter 12-inch and 10-inch at maximum. If you need both quality and capacity in one model, this burner definitely stands upright.

Flexible & Reliable Service:

A faulty burner is the worst nightmare during an outdoor journey; as there you might find none to help you. The machine’s burn-time lasts about 2.3 hours when both burners operate at the high-level heat settings. This Coleman Powerhouse camp stove requires about 3.5 pints of Coleman Fuel or unleaded gas for this burn-time.

However, the burn-time can be extended up to 8.5 hours, if you keep the heat-level at low settings. So, you can adjust the heat-settings upon necessity. In simple words, Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove presents a combination of reliability and flexibility.

Sturdy & Durable:

It always feels nice to have a brilliantly designed stove in your backpack or in front of you. This model is constructed using standard textured steel. Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove is chrome plated and it definitely adds value to it. The model is very durable and it can easily be said that it will serve you for at least 5 years and in most cases, more than that.

The company actually offers you 5 years of Limited Warranty while you purchase this model which means that they are confident with the product. It is one of those models that is made in the USA and shipped from the USA throughout the world.

Universal Application:

An all-rounder model as you can use it not only for camping but also for hunting, tailgating, simple open hangouts and even for random open spaces. Another exclusive benefit is this camp stove features All Seasons Strong technology. It makes this burner compatible with all type seasons as well as weather conditions.

Adding to these, Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove bears a flexible size (17″ L x 24″ W x 8″ H dimensions), which is easy to carry and store. Therefore, you can use this multiple-use burner any time of the year on any place on earth. It is a great tool for your stress-free outdoor journey.

Brand Reputation:

W.C. Coleman started the rich history of Coleman Industry in 1900, which later branched to diverse categories of outdoor recreational gears, including, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, furniture, etc. Coleman is the inventor of the fold-up camp stove era, which changed the description of outdoor camping life. It won’t be overwhelming to say that Coleman is considered as the granddaddy in the world of stove manufacturers.

They have been there since ages and they are always coming up with new technologies to generate interest and attract consumers. Their products are always different in terms of not only looks but also features.

Coleman Powerhouse Stove Specs:

  • Product Dimensions (Closed): 17″ L x 24″ W x 8″ H. 
  • Total Heating Power: 17,000 BTU.
  • Fuel Type: Coleman® Fuel (3.5 pints) / Unleaded Gas.
  • Pan Size: 12-inch and 10-inch. 
  • Grate Material: Nickel Chrome (Heavy-duty).
  • Burn Time (High): 2.3 hours.
  • Burn Time (Low): 8.5 hours.
  • Construction Material: Textured Steel.


  • Works with Eco-friendly Unleaded gas or Clean-burning fuel.
  • Cooking Power is Adjustable.
  • Boils one-quart amount of water in 4 minutes or less period.
  • Sturdy and Durable Construction.
  • Works in all seasons and weather situations.
  • Trusted Brand.


  • Some people reported that though the company says it is made in USA, they think it is made in China.
  • The gas tank is not always tight in its place. If you move the stove around, the gas tanks lose the position.

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Final Verdict:

Coleman is a brand that is trusted for years. You are now using the Coleman Powerhouse Dual Fuel Guide Series Stove model and your grandparents have probably used it too. The brand has it class and this product is a true reflection of that. You can easily choose this product for your stove related needs.

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