Coleman Octagon 98 2 Room Tent Review 2018

Coleman Octagon 98 2 Room Tent Review 2018

Are you looking for double room 8-person family tent? If yes, go for this one. The Coleman Octagon Tent is a boon for the outdoor enthusiasts who love exploring the nature with family or friends. Like the other Coleman tents, Octagon 98 is built with top-class materials along with clever design concepts. Let’s see the exclusive features of Coleman Octagon 98 – 2 room tent.


Coleman Octagon 98-2 Room Tent

Features of Coleman Octagon 98 Tent:

  • Easy to Pitch:

It takes about 15 minutes to pitch the Coleman Octagon 98 tent. Thanks to the manufacturer for providing the color-coded system for connecting poles. This innovative idea would help you in assembling the tent without much effort.

You can easily dis-assemble this tent after use, and store the folded tent in the provided wheeled carry bag.

  • Full Coverage Zippered Rain-fly:

What makes the Coleman Octagon 98 tent exclusive is it’s fully covered rain-fly. This massive rain-fly covers the whole tent-structure running from top to bottom serving as an outer cover for the tent.

This rain-fly is built with weather-resistant standard polyester taffeta 68d fabric featuring taped seams. It repels the rainwater efficiently and keeps the tent-interior dry. The Coleman Octagon 98 tent is compatible for three seasons, but it provides superb water resistance from rainwater.

Another amazing feature of the rain-fly is the inclusion of 6 zippers placed vertically. When the weather is fair, you can open the zippers and roll down the parts of rain-fly to enjoy the surrounding panoramic views.

  • Spacious Interior – Enough Headroom:

Coleman Octagon 98 is a cabin style tent. It’s base area measures about 13 by 13 feet. The tent can lodge 2 queen-sized airbeds or 8 adults in sleeping bags.

Unlike the average grade family tents, this Coleman Octagon 98 tent offers an excellent peak height of 6 feet 10 inches. Now, the tall people can stand or move or even change clothes with comfort while staying inside the tent. It is undoubtedly a bonus for the taller companions in your camping trip.

  • Two Room tent

Bearing cabin shape the Coleman Octagon 98 has a roomy interior. The tent comes with a privacy wall. The divided is attached to the wall as well as the tent-ceiling. So, you can divide the tent’s internal space into 2 separate rooms placing the privacy wall. However, if you don’t require separate room, then simply remove the wall and enjoy a broader inner space.

  • Well-built Floor:

The tent floor features heavy-duty construction with standard materials. It is built with Polyethylene 1000d fabric. It resembles rugged bathtub design. What makes the tent-floor further durable is it’s sonic welded seams.

  • Sturdy Steel Poles:

This Octagon 98 tent’s structure is built with sixteen numbers heavy-duty steel poles. Their powder-coated manufacturing keeps the poles rust-free.

Furthermore, this tent kit includes two fiberglass poles to support the hinged doors. Another two additional fiberglass poles are provided to support the awning. The exterior guyout lines assist this huge tent in remaining stable in adverse weather conditions.

  • Ergonomic Design:

We have reviewed dozens of Coleman family tents, but very of them can compete with Octagon 98 in terms of design efficiency. It is a double layer tent. The outer layer serves as a full coverage water-proof rain-fly.

Like the outer layer, the inner tent is also made with Polyester Teffatta 68d. Moreover, the inner tent walls and ceiling are predominately built with Polyester mesh 68d fabric

This Coleman Octagon tent has 2 doors. One of them features D-shape design. And the other one is built with hinged system. Both doors feature water-resistant manufacturing.

What is more? This tent is provided with 2 hooded windows. Each of them is placed on a door. There is no chance of water penetration through these door-windows, as they come with storms flaps along with water-resistant panels.

  • Ventilation:

We truly commend the manufacturer for the innovative design ideas, which makes the tent well-ventilated. Let’s go back to the rainfly. The Coleman Octagon tent’s rain fly is blessed with a vent on it’s upper side.  This roof-vent boosts the inflow and outflow of air inside the tent.

What is more? When you expose the zippers, the inner tent appears with mesh walls. It further improves the cross circulation of fresh air keeping the tent ambient livable and healthy.

  • Brand Reputation:

Coleman hardly needs any introduction to the outdoor explorers. Why? Both the novice and experienced explorers cherish the innovative design and top-standard outdoor gears produced by Coleman.

And the Coleman tent lines are widely admired for their versatility, reliable performance, affordable price-tag, etc. The Coleman Octagon tent holds on this legacy presenting more exclusive attributes.


  • Spacious 8 person tent with great standing height.
  • Two room tent bearing a removable privacy wall.
  • Comes with a fully covered waterproof rain-fly.
  • Excellent ventilation through roof-vent, mesh wall built inner tent, waterproof doors and windows.
  • Features sturdy frame built with 16 rust-free steel poles with 4 fiberglass poles.
  • Floor features welded seams and rugged bathtub design.


  • Takes 15 minutes to assemble.
  • Insufficient Pockets  considering tent-size.
  • No electric port.

Technical Specifications:

  • Base Dimensions: 13 by 13 feet
  • Peak Height: 6 Feet 10 Inches
  • Weight: 45.6 lbs
  • Capacity: 8 Person
  • Elements: 2 doors (hinged & d-type), 2 windows
  • Outer Layer/Rainfly Material: Polyester Taffeta 68d
  • Floor Material: Polyethylene 1000d
  • Poles Material: 16 Steel poles, 4 fiberglass poles
  • Inner Tent Fabric Material: Polyester taffeta 68d,
  • Inner Tent Mesh Fabric Material: Polyester mesh 68d
  • Recommended Use: Family Camping
  • Brand: Coleman.

Bottom Line:

The Coleman built outdoor camping products have won the trust of adventure loving people including hikers, backpackers, campers, and explorers. Octagon 98 2 room tent is a rich member of the Coleman tent lines. What surprises us about this Coleman Octagon Tent is it’s versatility.

Coleman Octagon’s fully covered zippered rain-fly, waterproof doors and windows protects water leak inside the tent. Mesh walls make the inner tent livable assuring privacy. Sturdy poles keep the tent stable against the winds. On the whole, Coleman Octagon 98 is a great 3-season family tent for 8 persons. Hope it Helps!

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