Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review 2019
Coleman Montana 8-Person Tent

Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent Review 2019

Coleman is a trusted name in the world of outdoor recreational gear. Coleman tents bear the same quality and reputation like Coleman’s other products. If you are planning for an outdoor family camping tour, then find a Coleman 8 Person Tent. In this article, we introduce you to Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent.

This Coleman 8 Person Tent Montana is blessed with a super combo of spacious interior, sturdy pole, standard materials, intelligent design, etc. Read this review article to know about key features, technical specifications, pros and cons of the Coleman Montana Tent 8 Person.


Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping | Elite Montana Tent with Easy Setup

Key Features of Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent:

The Coleman Montana Tent 8 offers a bunch of useful features. Let’s have a look!

Spacious Interior:

When we hear the term ‘Tent’, our imagination creates an image of a temporary shelter offering too limited space to stay or move with comfort. Coleman 8 Person tents have literally changed this usual concept. The Conman Montana 8 person tent is a star among Coleman tent line up.

It’s base area covers about 16 by 7 feet area. This huge tent can accommodate about 3 queen size beds. It’s capacious interior allows 8 persons to sleep inside the tent comfortably. Even after storing some camping or outdoor gear inside the tent, this Coleman Montana 8 tent can still accommodate 6 people.

Enough Headroom:

Staying inside a tent is quite uncomfortable if it doesn’t allow keeping the head and shoulder straight. Yes, we are talking about the tent’s central height. Thanks to Coleman for providing this tent with considerable center height (about 6 feet and 2 inches). The Coleman Montana 8 tent allows the taller campers to stand and move comfortably while staying inside the tent.

Weathertec Features:

If you are a crazy camper who dare to camp in unfavorable weather, then go for a tent that comes with weather protection mechanism. Though Coleman Montana Tent 8 Person is a 3-season tent suitable for the fair weather situation, it is blessed with weathertec features.

  • Protected by Seams

The Coleman Montana 8 Tent comes with inverted seams that can hide the needle holes lying on the tent’s inner wall. This technique can successfully boost weather resistance of this Coleman tent.

  • Strong Wind Resistant Frame

Not every tent is strong enough to resist the effect of strong wind blow. Thanks to the manufacturer, as the Coleman Montana 8 Tent Person is engineered with a wind-responsive sturdy frame. This frame is strengthened by redesigned poles as well as guy-out lines & triangles.

  • Protection by Zipper Cuff

The Coleman Montana 8 Man tent’s every detailing would amaze you. It’s door element comes with zipper cuff, built with weather-resistant standard quality fabric. It adds protection to the tent during adverse weather conditions.

  • Water Leakage Resistant Floor

Water invasion inside the tent is a great fear for the campers. But you can avoid it buying Coleman Montana 8 tent. This tent’s floor is strengthened by a welding-inspired mechanism. This technology can eliminate the needle holes from the tent’s floor in an efficient way. What is more, this tent’s poly floor comes with a rugged surface, which makes it stronger and more water-resistant.

Innovative Design:

When you camp outside the home, you have to be ready for adverse weather situations. It might rain, or snow, or shine. The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent bears the sign of intelligent design ideas in it’s every part and parcel.

  • Fly Seams:

The Coleman Montana 8 tent comes with taped fly seams that prevent the water drops from entering the tent. What’s more, the fly is extended beyond the tent’s frontal door leaving a Porch.

  • Improved Dome Shape:

If you look closely to the outside look of this Coleman Montana 8, you find that it bears an improved dome-shaped structure. This modified design offers greater strength and weather resistance than the conventional dome-shaped tents.

  • Privacy & Comfort:

Privacy is another name of comfort. While living in the midst of nature human wants to spend some peaceful moments with enough privacy. Coleman Montana 8 tent comes with wide awning that can offer you enough privacy. The tent’s interior bear mesh built gear pocket that allows you to notice things easily inside the tent.

  • Electric Port Connectivity:

Another great feature of the Coleman Montana 8 tent is the availability of the modern facility. You would find Electrical Port with running AC current inside the tent. Now you can power your devices and stay connected with the civilized world while staying in the midst of nowhere.

  • Sturdy Poles:

If you dare to camp outside the home, don’t forget to carry a tent featuring strong poles. Coleman Montana 8 tent features exclusive shock-corded fiberglass built sturdy poles. In addition to this, the poles come with color-coded sleeves and clip attachments, which make them much stronger. These great manufacturing techniques enable the tent to survive the strong wind blows bravely.

  • Hinged Doors:

Another amazing feature of this Coleman Montana 8 Tent is it’s hinged door element. The inclusion of patented door-hinge makes the tent-door easy to enter and exit as well. Even the kids would find no trouble to enter or exit through the door.

  • Clean & Dry Entrance:

The Coleman Montana 8 tent’s frontal porch is extended beyond it’s door. This extended Frontal Porch leaves a dry space to sit, chill or relax with your family and friends. It also offers polyethylene made door mat. This great family tent allows you to put the shoes or any other gear on this clean space.

Proper Ventilation:

It is quite unfortunate if you feel suffocated inside your tent though living in the midst of nature. The Coleman Montana 8 tent gets you rid of such hassle. This high-end family tent features three windows, cooling vents, as well as a mesh roof. Those are fire retardant. Free flow of fresh air keeps you healthy while relaxing inside the tent.

Effortless Pitching:

Though Coleman Montana 8 is not an instant tent, it hardly takes much time to pitch. The poles bear constant color coding in their sleeves as well as clips, which makes the installation process much easier. Tent set up instructions are sewn on the carry bag. Those are easy to understand and hard to forget. You can easily unfold, extend and set up the tent with 15 minutes following the instructions.


Unlike the usual heavy tents, this Coleman 8 Person tent Montana is portable. It weighs 26.2 pounds only. What is more, the carry bag makes it easier-to-carry.

Coleman Montana 8 Technical Specs:

  • Tent Design: Modified Dome
  • Set Up Type: Conventional
  • Base Dimensions: 16 by 7 feet
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs
  • Central Height: 74 inches or 6 feet 2 inch
  • Capacity: 8 Persons
  • Color: Black, Blue, and Green
  • Elements: 1 Hinged Door, 3 windows, Fiberglass Poles, etc.
  • Weather Compatibility: 2 or 3 Seasons
  • Recommended Use: Family Camping
  • brand/Manufacturer: Coleman


  • It can accommodate 3 queen bed or 8 people.
  • It’s porch offers a dry entrance.
  • It has electric port inside the tent.
  • It’s great ventilation mechanism allows fresh air intake inside the tent.
  • It can prevent water leakage during rains.
  • It’s strong poles can resist the blow of strong wind.
  • It takes only 15 minutes to set up this tent.
  • It offers a bunch of color options.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Some users complained that it’s floor material is a bit thin, which creates trouble while camping on rough terrain. You can carry a thick mattress or airbed to overcome this issue.
  • Few people complained that this tent needs more effective ventilation to combat the very hot weather. In the warmer seasons, larger windows are needed to cool down the tent interior.
  • A few people complained that it’s porch can’t prevent sagging while camping near the beach locations.

Bottom Line:

The Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent is one of the best family tents 2019. It can accommodate 3 Queen Size beds or 8 Persons. This tent offers great features like huge interior with considerable central height, hinged door, efficient ventilation mechanism, portability, easy-to-pitch mechanism, etc. which make this tent comfortable and user-friendly.

Coleman Montana 8 tent can be your trusted friend in outdoor camping. This weather-resistant tent can prevent water leakage. Thanks to Coleman for manufacturing this tent through intelligent design concepts, applying modern technologies and standard materials. Hope it helps!

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