Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove Review 2019

Are you gonna camping in a forest or back-country where the winter has spread it’s white touch everywhere? If yes, then Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove can be your great companion, as it works great in the coldest temperature. This winter camp stove is built by the reputed Coleman company. We have dedicated this detail review for this Coleman camp stove. Hope it helps!


Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove

Substantial Features of Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove:

Multi-Fuel Stove:

When the question comes to buy an outdoor stove, the fuel issue matters significantly. Fuel availability is uncertain, when you are hiking, trailing and camping in a forest, desert or anywhere in the back-country, where you can hardly find a shop. So, it is better to go for a camp stove that operates with more than one type fuel.

Thanks to Coleman for providing multiple fuel using feature in this Coleman camp stove. It can use Coleman fuel, diesel, unleaded gasoline, kerosene, etc. You can use any of these fuels depending upon budget and availability. When you buy this unit, it comes with Kerosene generator.

Precise Heat Control:

Though a camp stove is not a perfect tool to cook a grand cuisine, this Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove can help you to cook a good meal to keep you healthy and strong after a day-long journey. In our field test, we found this stove can create about 10k BTU heatHowever, a precise temperature-level depends on what you cook/boil.

Then comes the necessity of temp-control option. We would truly appreciate this Coleman Exponent Sove’s flame control feature. You will find a control-knob attached near the upper-side of it’s fuel canister. It is aimed for controlling the strength of fire.

Thus, you can increase and/or decrease the level of temperature/heat precisely depending upon what you are cook/boil. This Coleman Camp Stove can boil about one-liter water in five-minutes. Very few camp stoves out there can offer you such a great flexibility.

Integrated Fuel Tank:

Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove bears a round-shape integrated fuel tank. The burner is fixed right-above this fuel tank. And the legs are attached to the bottom-side of this tank. So, this fuel tank features the central part of the total Coleman Stove unit.

You will find a capped hole aimed for fuel-injection. You can easily pour fuel inside this integrated tank putting a funnel inside this hole. It can hold about ten-ounce fuel with a burn-time of twenty-minutesThis integrated tank also bears a valve for controlling the amount of fuel use as well as adjusting the strength of flame.

Besides these, you will see a knob upon this fuel tank, which can be used for pumping air inside the tank. This integrated fuel tank is sturdy enough to provide a balance to the whole unit. If you fill up this integrated fuel tank once, then you can run this Coleman Camp Stove for all weekend.


Lighting a stove is the foremost step of cooking. Imagine a situation that after a long tiresome day of trailing and hiking, you are too tired and ferociously hungry. Then you unpack your camp stove and arrange for starting a fire. But after several attempts the fire is not starting. Then, what would you do?

To avoid such situations, Coleman has provided easy-to-lit features to this Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove. Remove the cap from the fuel hole, put a funnel there. Then, pour fuel inside the tank. Your stove is ready to work. Now use the flame-adjustment-valve to control the fire and get precise heating to boil water or cook the food.

You can pump air inside the tank using the knob, depending upon necessity. You can read the instructions to operate the process properly in less time.

Compact Design:

This Coleman Exponent Multi fuel stove bears a trendy look with a nice combination of gold, silver and black.

The silver colored stove is fixed above an integrated fuel tank in golden. There is a silver colored ring-shape structure attached to the stove-surface. It serves as a windscreen and saves the fire from the wind-flow. This ring surrounds five pot supports attached to the burner surface.

The middle part in golden features an integrated fuel tank bearing a hole, a valve and a knob for injecting fuel, controlling the fire and pumping air. Near the bottom of this integrated tank, there are 3 sturdy-built foldable plastic legs.

In simple words, all these parts are attached together and come as an all-in-one unit. This Coleman stove weighs about 2 pounds or 21.6 with dimensions about 7.5-inch (H) x 5.2-inch (L) x 5.2-inch (W). This all-together compact design makes this camp stove easy to carry and store for the campers, wherever they go for camping.

Perfect for Winter/Windy Weather:

During summer or spring, you can try any outdoor stove run by butane or propane. But this thing becomes quite tough when the temperature falls near or below zero degree Celsius. The unit comes with an integrated burner bowl as well as pot support. They work as a windscreen and serve pretty well to protect the flame from the impact of winds.

However, if the wind flow is too strong, you can use an additional windscreen to get efficient heating. Besides these, it works more efficiently in normal weather. In fact, Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove is perfect for all weather conditions.

Brand Reputation:

W.C. Coleman initiated the proud history of the Coleman Industry in the year of 1900. By the course of time, it has started to produce a bunch of recreational gears suitable for outdoor use, such as, tents, outdoor furniture, outdoor sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. Coleman has brought innovative design-ideas for camp stove, which has made the camping life much safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Considering their rich legacy in stove manufacturing, we can entitle Coleman ‘the granddaddy’ of the stove builders. They have integrated advanced technologies with practical issues to build user-friendly and reliable camp stoves. Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove also maintains this legacy and has got admiration from the consumers.

Time Tested Product:

We can’t say this thing for most of the products we reviewed. Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove is proven by the test of time. For almost twenty years it’s similar models are serving the campers. This Coleman Exponent model was launched approx. in 2007 or before. In this long journey, the consumers are highly satisfied with the performance of this Colman Camp Stove.

During camping, it is not a good idea to try a new model built by a new-comer or average-grade company. Instead, you can take a trusted product built by a trusted company, which can assure you a much reliable service. From this viewpoint, we recommend this Coleman Camp Stove for the adventurous campers.

Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove Review: Video


  • Allows multiple fuel use, including kerosene, petrol, Coleman fuel, diesel, etc.
  • Compatible with all weather conditions, including winter, windy, etc.
  • Compact Design.
  • Integrated Fuel Tank.
  • Built-in Windscreen and pot support.
  • Plastic aluminum legs.
  • Easy-to-lit.
  • Trusted Brand.
  • Affordable.


  • Not suitable for backpacking.
  • Not suitable for indoor use.
  • Pricier than average backpack stoves.

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Coleman Exponent Multi Fuel Stove is one of the trusted camp stoves available in the market that have been serving the campers for a considerable period of time. It is a product of the reputed Coleman brand. From top to bottom the whole stove comes as an all-in-one package.

The Coleman Exponent stove is effortless to store for the campers. It’s weight may be slightly bulky for the backpackers, but it is suitable for the campers. It’s multi-fuel usage system and easy-to-use feature makes the camping life quite easier. This camp stove’s efficiency is truly worthy of it’s asking price-tag. If you wanna buy a durable and reliable camping stove under economic range, go for it.

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