Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Review 2019
Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent Review 2019

Are you looking for a spacious and easy-to-set up family camping tent offering standard features with less hassle? If yes, then go for the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent. Coleman is a pioneer brand company in producing quality camping tent to make your camping dream worthwhile.

The Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person offers several advantages like enough space for two queen beds or 8 adult people, weather resistance, effortless setting-up facility, strong and durable structure, trendy outlook, etc. Here goes a detailed review of this Coleman 8 Person Tent. Stay with Us!


Coleman 8-Person Tent | Instant Family Tent

Who needs the Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person?

The Coleman 8 man instant tent is a blessing for those people who are seeking for an instant dwelling solution in their recreational family camping tour outside the home. It is one of the most popular product among the Coleman 8 Person Tents.

Key Features of Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent :

Have a look on the major features of the Coleman Instant Tent for 8 person.


Space becomes a significant issue when you are planning to buy family camping tent. Unlike residential homes, tents have limited space. So you need to ensure there would be enough space for adults to relax and kids to play inside your tent.

This Coleman 8 Person Tent Instant offers spacious base measuring 14 by 10 feet that accommodates two rooms. Though this Coleman family tent offers smaller interior space comparing to the bigger Coleman tents like, the Coleman Montana (16 by 7 feet), or Coleman Red Canyon (17 by 10 feet), it is enough to accommodate 8 person.

If you or your family members are taller than average people than don’t worry, the Coleman 8 man tent comes with a great central height (6 feet and 5 inches).

The Coleman 8 instant tent offers comfort. It has enough interior space for two rooms with two doors. It can accommodate two queen size beds for 8 adult people. So it allows the adult ones to enjoy the trip with enough comfort and privacy and the little ones to play without hassle.

The room divider is placed in the middle to split the tent-interior space into two halves. Each half gets enough room to accommodate 4 adult people to rest or sleep comfortably. And some space would be left to keep personal stuff or necessary outdoor gear.

Though the Coleman instant tent is a two-room tent, you can remove the room-divider if a larger space is required. Flexibility is the added gift of this great family camping tent.

Intelligent Design:

Imagine a situation that you or any of your family members is struggling to keep his head up inside the tent. How embarrassing is it! Faulty design can neutralize all the effects of good engineering, standard materials, trendy outlooks, etc. This Coleman family camping tent is a legend in the line of family tents in terms of design efficiency.

Proper ventilation is a great feature of the Coleman tent instant 8 person. It has 7 windows and two doors which allow the air to flow in and out properly.

The Coleman 8 person camping tent features dome-shaped structure. This design allows considerable headroom inside the tent. Even for the tallest member of your family won’t complain about space.

Another advantage of a dome-shaped tent is it’s curvy design disseminates greater strength on the three tent-poles. It makes the tent easier to pitch and quicker to fasten.

Instant Set Up:

If you are not a regular camper then setting up a tent can be a nightmare. Thanks to Coleman for designing the Coleman Instant Camping tent line to overcome this issue. The poles come with a pre-attached condition inside the tent wall.

All you need to do is first unfold the tent. Then spread out the canvas. Next, extend the poles. After that click-n-lock each pole in places. Finally, guy-out the tent.

Therefore, it takes less than one minute to set up the tent. It is also effortless to put down the tent elements and fold the tent eventually after use. It weighs 35.2 pounds, which is quite bearable in group camping. This instant set-up process saves your time and energy. It gets you rid of stress and allows you to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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Stable Structure:

Stability is the first pre-requisite to place a tent on open space. If it fails to stand, then all efforts would go in vain. Coleman tents assure stability by virtue of their intelligent design and standard materials.

The Coleman 8 person camping tent bears simple structure in a dome shape. It’s poles are capable of bending down under the tent’s fabric cover. It helps the tent to form a rigid structure with enhanced stability. It would be stable even if the weather is unfavorable.

Weathertec Features:

When you plan a family camping trip, you need a reliable camping tent that won’t fail you in unfavorable weather.

  • Inverted Seams Protection

The inclusion of inverted seams can hide the left needle marks on the tent’s inner wall. This Seams protection can contribute in enhancing the overall weather resistance of the camping tent. You can call it design efficiency that puts an extra point in favor of the Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person.

  • Wind-Resistant Frame

Unlike a stable home, a tent is a temporary abode. You can’t expect it to be as strong and durable as your sweet home. But still, you need a safe dwelling while camping outside the home to enjoy nature.

Thanks to Coleman for engineering the Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent as strong and weather resistant. This great family camping tent offers wind-responsive sturdy frame. It also bears redesigned strong poles along with guy-out triangles. It can give you the feel of safe home within nature.

  • Zipper Cuff Protection

Zipper might look a small issue to talk about. But it can also play a great role in making the camping tent weather resistant. How? Coleman uses weather-resistant quality fabric to produce the zipper cuff. This clever designing idea adds safeguard to the elements of the tent’s door.

  • Water-resistant Floors

Water can invade your camping tent during raining or snow. The Coleman designers invented another designing solution called Welding-inspired mechanism to make the Coleman Instant Family Tent water-resistant. This modern technology eliminates the needle holes from the tent floor and makes it stronger.

Strong & Durable:

The Coleman instant family tent is a great combination of standard material, intelligent design, good engineering and modern technology.

Coleman used top quality fabric to build the tent. It can fight adverse weather situations. The poles are strong enough to hold the tent up in the strong wind. As mentioned above, it’s detailed built-up including inverted seams, wind resistant frame, zipper cuff protection, water-resistant floor, etc. makes the tent strong enough to use several camping tours each year.

Though the Coleman 8 man instant tent comes with a one-year warranty, you can use it for the purpose of recreational camping for several years, if cared properly. It would offer the best value for your money.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 14 by 10 feet
  • Height: 6 feet 5 inch
  • Weight: 35.2 Pound
  • Capacity: 8 Person
  • Color: Brown, Blue, and Black
  • Elements: 3 steel poles, one room-divider, two doors, 7 windows, etc.
  • Tent Type: Instant
  • Weather Compatibility: Two or Three Seasons
  • Recommended Use: Recreational Outdoor Camping
  • Manufacturer: Coleman


  • Instant solution for a recreational family camping tour.
  • Easy to unfold, set-up, put-down and pack up.
  • Spacious to accommodate two queen size air beds for 8 people
  • Holds two rooms with a removable room-divider.
  • Proper ventilation by 7 windows, and two doors.
  • Comes with Weathertec features.
  • Dome shaped structure offers greater stability and strength.
  • Come with a one-year warranty.


  • It is not an ultra-light tent, but the weight is bearable.
  • Though this tent is water-resistant, it doesn’t have a distinct rainfly.
  • Comparing to other heavy-duty Coleman tents, this instant tent’s poles suffer from a bit flimsy joints and weaker leg-hinges.
  • It lacks open screens over the roof-top.
  • It is not a 4 season tent.

Bottom Line:

Camping in nature rejuvenates our life. And the Coleman Instant Tent 8 Person can make your family camping trip safer and enjoyable. Buying this Coleman family camping tent offer several benefits.

First, it offers enough space for at least 8 adult persons. Second, it bears the tagline instant that assures effortless and quick set-up facility. Third, it features weather-resistant built-up. Coleman tent designers have combined clever design ideas with the modern technology to make this Coleman 8 Man Instant Tent strong, weather-resistant and durable. And who can deny it’s trendy outlook, etc. Make your recreational family camping tour memorable with this Coleman 8 Person Instant Tent.

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