Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit Review 2019

In this article, we are going to introduce our readers to the Bushbox XL combination kit, a handy backpack stove. It is one of the most intelligently designed outdoor-stoves that offer superb heating efficiency bearing a compact-body.

In this article, you would find a detailed review of this Bushbox XL combination kit along with main features, pros, and cons. Hope it helps!


Bushcraft Essentials Bushbox XL Combination Kit.

Features of Bushbox XL combination kit:

Natural Fuel Use:

The foremost benefit of using Bushbox XL combination kit is that it can create efficient heating using the natural fuels, like twigs, branches, leaves, etc. It has dual advantages. First, it saves your hard earned money from buying fuel canisters.

Second, it saves the nature from the adverse impact generated through burning the chemical fuel. Another benefit is Bushbox stove’s natural fuel usage can save lives during the disaster situations, when you could hardly find fuels other than natural ones.


In folded condition, this kit weighs about 800-gram. As this is an easy-to-store product, you do not really feel that you are carrying a burden. It is like carrying a DVD or CD pack. It would easily slip into your haversack. With the compact design and easy to store features, you won’t even think that the product is tough to carry and therefore, you won’t feel that weight.

Another thing to consider is that Bushbox XL combination kit works with natural fuel. Think about it for a second. As you don’t need to carry extra fuel canister, so 800-gram is all you have to bear.

Compact Size:

A lightweight product is good in terms of size in most cases. Size is another factor that is often ignored in the world of outdoor stoves.

Size plays a very big role in deciding whether you will go for a particular stove model or not. If it is of a good size, you will probably choose it and otherwise, you won’t.

Bushbox XL combination kit from the Bushbox Stove series is very good in terms of size. We have already told you that the product is lightweight. There is no wonder here either as the stove is easy to carry around in your backpack or even in hands while you are traveling around.

Heavy-duty Construction:

This stove and it’s parts and accessories including the Grill sheet and the trivets are built with quality stainless steel material. Those are rust-proof and durable. And there is no chance to break the stove while it is stored in your backpack in folding status. If cared properly this stove kit can offer you a reliable service for many years.

Handy Accessories:

  • Pot Support:

Bushbox XL combination kit comes in a pouch. Inside it, you will find the folded Bushbox XL stove, two trivets, and a grill top. On the surface area of this stove, you will see some ditches.

If you wanna cook or boil something, then set-up the trivets on those ditches. These dual trivets would serve like support-stands. Then you can place the cooking pot over this two pot-supports.

The snug fit of the trivets to those ditches would provide a stable platform to the pot. However, in adverse weather conditions – like strongest windy situation – the pot can shake.

  • Grill Platform:

It is an interesting but useful accessory for this Bushbox XL combination kit. It offers two great uses. First, you can grill burger, fish or meat.

For grilling, you have to put charcoal or wood pellets under the stove, instead of twigs or branches. Then, place the Grate on the stove surface and start the fire. It will create the perfect heat for grilling.

Another use is that it allows you to use solid fuel tablet or alcohol burner for cooking/boiling instead of natural fuels. All you need to do is to place the grill in the holes that are located in the middle area of this Bushbox stove.


Another great advantage of Bushbox XL stove is it can work with a pot or pan of any shape, doesn’t matter, where it is big, or small, or narrow or short.

Certainly, not too many backpack stoves would offer you such a great flexibility. However, don’t use it with heavy pot which weighs more than the stove itself.


This Bushbox XL combination kit comes in a folded condition like sheets of paper. However, the unit is easy to unfold and bring into standing condition.

After ending the cooking task, you can easily fold the stove again. It’s clever design makes it simple to manage. Just follow the instructions.

Efficient Heating:

Considering the outlook, you might get a little bit confused about the Bushbox XL stove’s heating performance. But the reality is different. If you look closer to it’s design, you will find a range of holes along with a big window. These air-holes and the window allow the flow of air to enter the stove and incite the flame.

 As the stove walls confine the fire inside, it offers a faster burn. This process creates great heating power. The heat goes straight upside towards the pot/pan placed over the trivets or grill top and performs the cooking or boiling task efficiently.

Flame Control:

Though this Bushbox XL stove comes with a simple design without any high-tech knows or buttons, it allows you to control the heat. But how? It is very simple. You can increase or decrease the amount of fuel to control the strength of the flame.

Using this Bushbox XL combination kit, you can boil water or prepare coffee, hot chocolate, soups, etc. Besides these, you can also cook meals, like rice. And using the Grill top you can enjoy grilled food without much effort.


Bushbox XL combination kit is compatible for versatile uses. It is not only handy for outdoor, but also safe for indoor use, especially during emergency situations, like power outrage or any type disaster. You can keep it as an additional stove for the bad times.

How to Use Bushbox XL combination kit


  • Compact Design.
  • Sturdy and Durable.
  • Uses natural fuel.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Simple-to-use.


  • Not compatible for strongest windy situations.
  • Doesn’t allow precise heat control.

Final Verdict:

Bushbox XL combination kit is one of the best backpack stoves 2019 featuring compact size under affordable cost. quite efficient to boil and cook outdoor as well as emergency situations. It’s brilliant design makes it easy-to-store and simple-to-use. It is durable and cost-effective. Though Bushbox XL is not an all-season stove, it can save your fuel during a crisis.

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