BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning & USB Charging Camp Stove Review 2019

Are you looking to make your camping experience easier? Do you always have a tough time starting a fire, or even keeping it lite? The Biolite Wood Burning CampStove can be a life saver when you are camping back-country where there is no restaurant available.

It is one of the best camp stoves out there in the market right now. Biolite is offering an opportunity to get their entire Wood Burning Stove package under a reasonable price. This article is dedicated to this particular stove.


BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning & USB Charging Camp Stove

Features of BioLite Wood Burning Campstove:

Thermoelectric Stove:

The BioLite Wood Burning CampStove model’s design is quite innovative. Unlike the usual camp stoves, this BioLite stove runs through patented thermoelectric technology. This camping stove can efficiently recycle some portion of the fire – generated from wood burning heat – and then can convert this heat into the electric-power.

Some of this electric-power drives the built-in fan, which aids in stimulating the fire with flow of air (oxygen). But the greater portion of this electricity powers up the USB port, where you can plug-in your small electronics devices, such as, phone, mp3, camera, etc.

Cost-effective Green Solution:

BioLite Wood Burning Stove requires natural fuels – like woods, twigs, leaves, etc. – to operate. So, you don’t need to buy the expensive petroleum fuel canisters. All you have to do is just collect leaves, branches, woods, twigs, etc. on the path of your journey, so that you can burn them later, when you return/reach to your camp-area.

This great feature can literally save both of your packing-space and energy for storage and carrying those bulky canisters. You will ultimately be spending less money on fuel, have fewer bottles to dispose of and have a little more fun stocking a campfire while out and about.

Cooking Performance:

The usual wood burning fires don’t offer the best service to cook or boil, due to several reasons, like generation of smoke, wastage of heat, impact of wind, etc. This BioLite Stove also produces smoke when you lit the fire, but as soon as the fan starts moving and directing the airflow, the smoke almost disappears, leaving the embers behind.

This BioLite wood burning stove is efficient for heating up the pan for cooking the food and/or boiling water fast. What is more, this camping stoves features two different temperature levels, including: high and low. This unit is capable of boiling 1 liter water in 4 minutes and 30 seconds duration.

This advantageous option would not only help you to boil water faster, but also to cook your meal with desired taste. You can also purchase the grill accessories separately that works efficiently with the stove, but is pretty large and will add considerable extra weight.

Charging Station:

A well lite fire must be burning in the stove for generating enough electric power to recharge your electronic devices. Under this process, at first, the built-in motor fans the fire, giving only limited energy to power-up the USB port (and the attached USB device) connected to this BioLite Wood Burning stove. 

When the electronic charging process starts, the system would light up the green bar – placed above the USB port – that indicates flow of electricity. has tested this unit’s electrical output to USB port through recharging a smartphone. The results has showed that this BioLite Wood Burning Stove has produced 60 minutes talk-time after a 20 minutes recharging period.

However, to generate enough electric power for charging this long, you would need a lot of twigs to keep the firing burning. And here is one thing to remember that this wood burning stove can offer you enough power to keep personal electronics device alive for several hours, which works best for emergencies; but it can’t supply enough electricity to recharge an iPhone for day-long use.

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Smart Design with Handy Accessories:

Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove features a smart and trendy design in a small structure. It weighs around 2 pounds which equivalents to a one-liter water bottle unit (Nalgene). It’s dimensions are about 8.27″ x 5″ x 5″.

This camp stove is made of quality steel as well as plastic. When you see this product, you will find two big parts. The orange one is the plastic made battery pack. And the silver one is the double-walled steel made combustion chamber, which is further surrounded by a steel made honey-comb like lattice. The battery pack can be easily attached to the combustion chamber unit.

The combustion chamber bears a Steel surface featuring a bit raised and curvy shape that helps the cooking-pan to sit properly over the stove. There is a built-in fan that is used for stimulating the fire. You will find a USB-port near the lower-front side of the battery. The battery powers up all of the stove, fan, and USB-devices.

The whole unit can stand stably upon three Aluminum (Al) legs, which can be folded out on the hinges. So, this Biolite Wood Burning stove is ergonomically designed for the campers. This package also comes with some fire starters. Though those fire-starter pieces won’t last longer, you can create a good fire easily using them.

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Efficient for All Weather:

Another great advantage of this BioLite Wood Burning Stove is it can offer consistent service in any weather condition, like, rainy, windy, cool, simmering, etc. The magic lies into it’s intelligent design. This camp stove’s comes with an enclosed chamber, where the wind resistance can impact a little. However, it is recommended, to bring along some fire starter sticks if you are going into areas where the wood may be a little wet.


Biolite Wood Burning stove is an all-rounder model. As this gadget can do multiple things while camping, your packing will be light. It is always a good thing when you don’t have to pack as much when camping because of the hikes you would take. Besides the general camping occasions, this Biolite stove can be a life-saver in the emergency preparedness situations.


  • Charges electronic devices
  • Efficient at boiling water
  • Little smoke created vs. comparable wood burners
  • Little soot left on pots and pans
  • Optional grill accessory is effective.
  • No need to spend on and hull around the expensive and bulky fuel canisters.
  • It can power up powers a built-in fan to stimulate the strength of the flame/fire.
  • Compact, portable design features folding legs and a durable plastic travel cover so you can take the grill anywhere
  • It can cook 6 hotdogs or 4 hamburgers at a time.
  • It bears two temperature zones: low, and high.



  • Constant fire stoking is required to give maximum charging capacity.
  • Heavier than most of the other wood stoves.
  • Phone charging can take an extended time.
  • Water takes longer to boil then suggested.
  • The wood burning canister is small, meaning you can only feed the fire a small amount of wood at one time.
  • The product is pretty heavy for a backpacking stove unless you are dividing up the weight between a few people.


Like any campfire, the Biolite Wood Burning Camp Stove requires maintenance to keep the fire stoked and to burn well enough to charge the phone at a high rate. Unlike some wood burning stoves, you can’t stoke the wood pieces from the side. Because of this, it decreases the length of wood pieces that can be used with this stove.

Final Verdict:

Overall the Biolite Wood Burning CampStove provides a nice durable design that works effectively in most camping situations. The features listed in this review make this stove one of the best in the wood burning stove class.  If you are good with the extra weight that the Biolite brings due to the battery pack, then we recommend this Biolite stove for general camping and emergency preparedness situations.

If you’re a casual backpacker or camper looking for a good camp stove as well as the idea of being able to have a fire and charge your electronics while you cook, this stove is a number one buy for you. The ease of this stove will give you a natural camping experience.

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