Best Hunting Rangefinder Reviews 2019

Millions of years ago human used to live on hunting. Our forefathers hunted with bows, arrows and various tools. The human still feels the thrill of hunting in his bloodstream. Hunting is something more than a mere sport, it refreshes mind and rejuvenates our soul. Today we are gonna discuss the tricks of choosing the best hunting rangefinder for money. Later, we would pick the top 10 hunting rangefinder reviews for our hunting enthusiast readers. Stay with us!

Compare the Best Rangefinder for Hunting 2019

Best Hunting Range Finder Reviews 2019

  1. Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder, Bow Hunting and Gun Hunting Rangefinder with Angle Intelligence

Are you looking for a budget rangefinder for bow hunting? If yes, then don’t miss the Halo XL-450 hunting rangefinder. It is also useful for gun hunting and golf.

The Halo XL-450 hunting rangefinder is easy-to-carry weighing only 5 ounces. You would definitely love it’s compact design.

Unlike the average low-priced range finders, the Halo XL-450 hunting rangefinder comes with the angle compensation feature. This facilitates the bow hunters in reading slopes while targeting an object placed in an upward or downward terrain.

The Halo hunting rangefinder XL-450 features a 6x level of magnification power. It is fixed. It comes with a clear lens offering a focus adjustment option. However, this device can’t promise good eye relief and is not recommended for the hunters/ golfer who wears glass.


Halo XL450-7 Hunting Rangefinder, bowhunting and gun hunting rangefinder with Angle Intelligence.

The manufacturer claims that Halo XL-450 hunting rangefinder is weather resistant. This device can survive harsh weather situations in foggy as well as rainy days. However, in adverse weather conditions, you might face difficulty in reading the display.

The Halo XL-450 hunting rangefinder is it’s an auto shut-down mechanism. You would get enough time for making a clear shot. This intelligent feature prevents battery drowning while you are browsing for the target.

The Halo hunting rangefinder XL-450 is great for using in day times when there is bright sunlight. This economic device lacks illumination so it is incompatible for using during early morning, evening or night times.

Technical Specifications:


450 Yards

Dimensions (L x W x H)

6 x 5 x 3 inches


5 Ounces


Slope Compensation




20 seconds of Inactivity

Bow Hunting

Elevated Angel Compensation

Rifle/Gun Hunting

Better Performance for Target within 250 Yards



  1. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

Do you prefer a palm-size rangefinder instead of a bulkier one? If yes, then here comes a highly portable rangefinder namely Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11. This compactly designed rangefinder takes less space than a Smartphone. This lightweight (4.4 ounces) device would fit into your pocket without struggling. It is easy-to-carry around the neck while traveling.

The Nikon ACULON Range Finder is programmed with Distant Target Priority mode which makes it suitable for bow and gun hunting at a distance up to 550 yards. Using this feature you can measure your target; even if, the line of sight is obstructed with trees and/or branches. Moreover, this cutting edge technology allows you to target a distant object after measuring the surrounding objects. 

You can’t ignore this Nikon rangefinder’s intuitive and clever design. With a simple button-push, you can get an instant reading of a distant target. It’s easy-to-read display reveals accurate measurements with 1-yard/meter increment.

Furthermore, if you scroll the visible area pressing the button, this device would capture an uninterrupted 20-second long measurement. The display is clear and free from any kind of unnecessary objects that might distract your focus.


Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

This Nikon Range Finder 8397 ACULON AL11 saves battery power by taking auto shout down after 8 seconds of inactivity. It is certainly a great help when you are traveling in the middle of nowhere and have no/less time for battery charging.

The Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 is no less than a blessing for people who are on the search of a range finder offering an eye relief extended up to 16.77mm. This high-end rangefinder is provided with a 20mm objective lens featuring 6x level of magnification power.

What makes the Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 stand out from it’s competitors under similar price range, is it’s multilayer coated lens. This lens offers a broader level of light transmission while ranging the target. It prevents the wastage of light spectrum due to reflection.

Technical Specifications:


550 Yards


3.6 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches


4.4 Ounces


Slope Compensation




8 seconds of Inactivity


20mm Multi-layered Coated Lens



Eye Relief


Manufacturing Company


  1. Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder, Realtree Xtra Camo, 20mm

Wanna buy laser rangefinder specialized in bow hunting and built by a trusted brand? Go for the Bushnell Bone Collector 202208. It’s an efficient bow hunting rangefinder under economic price-range.

Who can deny the pioneering role of Bushnell in the field of rangefinders? This leading company has built a series of rangefinders with multidimensional features and under different price ranges. For bow hunting, our best pick is the Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder. Like the other Bushnell range finders, this model upholds it’s brand reputation through maintaining proper standard and quality.

Unlike the cheaper range finder models, the Bushnell Bone Collector Laser Rangefinder 202208 comes with a long-lasting sturdy body. This portable device features a compact design which can be easily placed in your shirt pocket.


Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder, Realtree Xtra Camo, 20mm.

This bow hunting range finder comes with a rugged body featuring Realtree Xtra Camo pattern. It blends with the surrounding wild nature quite easily offering an added advantage for the hunters.

It might start raining or fogging unexpectedly while you are hovering in the forest or measuring your target. Don’t worry, if you own the 202208 Bushnell Bone Collector Laser Rangefinder. This device is resistant to fog and rainwater, which makes it capable of working in damp weather situations. However, don’t bathe the Bushnell 202208 rangefinder in water.

You can easily maneuver this Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x rangefinder using one-hand. How? This Laser Rangefinder is built with vertical configuration.  While holding the device in one hand, you can measure the distance of the target pressing a button below your index finger.

This Bushness Bone Collector laser rangefinder comes with a 20mm objective lens featuring a 4x level of magnification. The LCD display is equipped with illuminated indicators which makes this rangefinder capable of using during low light conditions. You can measure the distance in yard or meter.

Technical Specifications:


600 Yards


3 x 5 x 5.5 inches


8 Ounces


Slope Compensation




Realtree Xtra Camo


20mm Objective Lens



Manufacturer Company


  1. Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder

If you are seeking a bow hunting rangefinder with angle compensation feature, go for this one. The Simmons 801600 Volt 600 is another hunting Laser Rangefinder under economic price-range.

Like the Bushnell Bone Collector 202208, the Simmons 801600 Laser Rangefinder is equipped with a 20-mm objective lens. Simmons Laser Rangefinder 801600 can measure up to 600 yards of distance pressing a single button. It features a clear LCD display offering enough brightness.

The Simmons Volt 600 features a 4x magnification power. You may think this magnification power is lower than the average laser finders. But, a 4x level of magnification power is compatible with bow hunting. Unlike the gun hunters, the archery hunters usually target at a closer range.


Simmons 801600 Volt 600 Laser Rangefinder.

Simmons has added tilt intelligence feature in their Volt 600 series laser range finder series. It makes this Simmons 801600 outstanding from the average grade range finders.  This rangefinder works with a 9-volt alkaline battery which is cheaper and abundant.

The Simmons Laser Rangefinder 801600 Volt 600 model is capable of measuring angle-compensated “true horizontal distance”. This reading is shown under the line of sight (LOS) number. You can measure the “true horizontal distance” at the range of 99 yards or closer. If your target is distant than 99 yards, you can get the LOS distance reading only.

Simmons has acquired popularity for its top-notch technology and standard products. The Simmons 801600 Laser Rangefinder is 4 inches long, 2 inches wide and three and a half inches high. It’s vertical design out wins it’s horizontal counterparts in style, size, shape, and use. This portable bow hunting rangefinder weighs only 8 ounces.

Technical Specifications:


600 Yards


7 x 5 x 3 inches


8 Ounces


Slope Compensation




20mm Objective Lens



Manufacturer Company


  1. Wosports Hunting Range Finder, Archery Rangefinder for Bow Hunting with Flagpole Lock – Ranging – Speed and Scan

Who wouldn’t love to own a multi-functional rangefinder which is quite affordable too? Here comes the Wosports Rangefinder which can be used for hunting as well as Golf. This hunting range finder comes with a highly affordable price tag.

Besides distance measurement, the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder is equipped with a bunch of over-the-top features, like scan mode mechanism, flag lock technology, speed functions, etc. Applying these features this Wosports rangefinder excels it’s similar-priced counterparts from other brands.

The Wosports hunting rangefinder is equipped with a 25-mm objective lens. It bears fully multi-coated lens that allows optimal light transmission. Very few rangefinders could offer you such features under a similar price range.

Adding to these, the Wosport rangefinder features a 6x level of magnification power which offers great support for both hunters and golfers.

Now, what makes the Wosport rangefinder exclusive? Unlike the average hunting rangefinders, the Wosports Hunting Rangefinder offers versatile performance in gun hunting, archery hunting, and Golf sport.


Wosports Hunting Range Finder, Archery Rangefinder for Bow Hunting with Flagpole Lock – Ranging – Speed and Scan.

Though Wosports rangefinder is basically a hunting rangefinder, it can be your reliable buddy in the Golf Course. Using this Wosports range finder, you can range from 5 yards to 650 yards. Applying the M2 mode you can lock the Flag Pole up to 150 yards of distance. If you have a passion for Golf, don’t miss this one.

Thanks to the manufacturer for adding scan mode in this Wosports hunting rangefinder. It allows the user to taking a continuous measurement while moving the device horizontally through the line of sight.

While you move this Wosports hunting rangefinder, it is capable of detecting any moving object. And, you can observe the change in data on the LCD display.

This rangefinder is not recommended to use during fogs and rains, as the water drops can cause measurement mistakes. But the structure is water resistant.

Technical Specification


2 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches


8.25 Oz / 220 gm


650 yards

Field of view

7 degree



Objective Lens Size


Lens Coatings

Fully Multi-Coated (FMC)

Laser Type



5 yards (+/- 5 km)


127/80/43 mm

Eyepiece Lens Size


Exit Pupil Diameter Size




Battery Mode

CR2 3v

Measuring Time

0.5-1 sec

Pinseeker Range

5M-100M~350M (Depends on Maximum Range)

Manufacturing Brand


  1. Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

In the upper sections, we reviewed the Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder, which is specialized for archery hunting. Here we are gonna introduce you with the Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder. This all-rounder rangefinder is handy for hunting as well as Golfing.

With the Bushnell Scout Laser Rangefinder, you can measure the distance of a reflective object up to 1000 yards. This hunting rangefinder can measure the distance of your target accurately at a range of 650 yards of distance. What is more? This Bushnell Scout ARC series range finder offers Angel Range Compensation feature.

The Bushnell Scout Laser Rangefinder features an in-built inclinometer. For archery hunting, this rangefinder offers a true horizontal distance up to 99 yards.

The Bushnell Scout DX 1000 is a popular deer hunting rangefinder. Using this hunting range finder you can accurately target a distant deer up to 325 yards of range.

For rifle shooting, this hunting range finder offers holdover or bullet drop options in several units, like inches, MIL and MOA. What else you need?

Now, what makes the Bushnell Scout Laser Rangefinder DX 1000 stand out from an average grade range finder? This pro-hunting rangefinder is equipped with three types of targeting modes, those are Bull’s Eye Mode, Brush Mode, and Scan Mode. These options facilitate the hunter in bow hunting, gun hunting, rifle shooting, etc.


Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder.

The Bull’s Eye Mode is programmed for shooting activities at a closer range distance. Applying this mode, you can measure the distance of a series of small targets and observe the data on the LCD display. This mode can ignore the background or surroundings of your target.

When you target a deer, you might need to ignore the trees and/or branches that exist between the rangefinder and the deer. In this situation, the Brush Mode would help you. This feature can measure the distance of a distant target disregarding it’s forefront objects.

The Scan mode intends to take a continuous reading of all objects while you move this device horizontally. The continuous readings are displayed on it’s black LCD monitor. This hunting range finder features 21mm objective lens with a 6x magnification.

  1. Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

If you are on the search for a medium distance range finder with an angle compensation feature, go for this one. The Vortex Optics laser range finder can range up to 1300 yards of distance.

The Vortex Optics Ranger 1300 features HCD mode that stands for Horizontal Compensation Distance. The primary HCD mode is capable of reading an angle-compensated distance.  Whether you intend rifle shooting or archery shooting you can use the benefit of this HCD range feature.

The Vortex Optics Ranger 1300 offers another great feature called LOS mode that shows the line of sight. This advanced LOS mode can measure a long distance. What is more? The LOS mode helps the shooter in elevated angel shots when the target is placed in a higher terrain at greater precision.

What if, your target is moving instead of being static? In this situation, you can apply the scan mode with HCD mode or LOS mode. The Vortex Optics Ranger 1300 can target moving objects as well as tiny targets while the background is uniform.

Thanks to the manufacturer for providing a fully multi-coated lens with this Vortex Optics Ranger 1300. It can allow an optimal amount of light transmission while reading the target.


Vortex Optics Ranger Laser Rangefinders

Considering the surrounding light conditions you can pick one from the three provided brightness options. It would help you to see the target clearly.

You can use this Vortex Optics Ranger 1300 during unfavorable weather without worrying about damage. This rangefinder is blessed with a water resistant and fog proof mechanism.

You would also love it’s textured body armor features sturdy rubber construction offering a non-slippery grip.  You can hang this device around your neck using the provided neck lanyard. Furthermore, you can easily pack this range finder using the detachable utility clip.

Technical Specs:


1300 yards


4.7 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches

Weight (Shipping)

11.8 ounces



Objective Lens


Eye Relief


Operating Temp

14-131 F

Range Reflective

9-1300 yds

Range Deer

9-600 yds


+/- 3 yds @ 1000yds

Max Angle Reading

+/- 60 degrees (INC 50)

Linear View

315 ft/1000 yds

Angular View


Manufacturing Brand


  1. Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

Here comes another hunting range finder from Bushnell family. The Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder is a pro-level hunting range finder. You can use it for diverse shooting purpose, including target shooting, archery hunting, rifle hunting, gun hunting, etc. It’s maximum ranging capacity is up to 1300 yards distance. For deer hunting, the range capacity is up to 600 yards.

What makes this Bushnell G-Force DX Arc range finder exclusive from it’s competitors is the futuristic technology. Bushnell has added second-generation ESP2 (Extreme Speed & Precision Processor) mechanism in their G-Force series Laser Rangefinder. This rangefinder offers 0.5 yards of accuracy for 199-yard distance.

What is more? The Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder out wins it’s ancestors with the three modes of shooting a feature, those are Rifle Mode, Bow Mode, and Regular Mode.

Rifle mode is intended for rifle hunting.  Applying this mode, you can opt ballistic chart and sight in range considering your gun trajectory. When you range the target in Rifle Mode, the Line of Sight (LOS) distance appears. Below this LOS reading, you would find the Angle of Shot. Within a moment, this reading is replaced by holdover calculation in several units, including, inches, centimeters (cm), MOA and MIL.


Bushnell G-Force DX ARC 6x 21mm Laser Rangefinder

For archery hunting, you have to choose the Bow mode. While ranging the target in Bow Mode, you can see LOS reading. Below this LOS reading, it shows the Angle compensated distance of the target up to 99 yards. The Regular mode shows the LOS distance of the target in yardage.

This Bushnell Laser Range Finder comes with a 21mm objective lens with 6x magnification. It’s metal built body is sturdy and durable. You would love it’s rubberized grip.

Unlike the regular rangefinder devices, Bushnell’s G-Force DX ARC Laser Rangefinder comes with a red display. You can adjust the brightness of both reticules and display manually choosing from four-level settings.

  1. Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized Black

So far we have discussed top-rated eight best hunting rangefinders considering features, ratings, reviews, and price range. However, if you are still waiting to know about more rangefinder, then you are certainly looking for an expert hunting rangefinder. Now, hold your breath! Your patience is over.

The Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized Black is a pro level range finder, which is capable of ranging reflective targets up to 3000 yards of distance. It bears 6x level of magnification power with a 21mm objective lens. This hunting laser rangefinder comes with a compact design, which makes it highly portable.

This hunting range finder is blessed with a bunch of modern features, including Image Stabilization mechanism, Hyper Read 0.3s Speed, Id technology, Tru-Target Technology, Angel Compensation, Control Positioning, Continuous Ranging, etc.

The ID technology displays the horizontal distance of the target. The reading comes after adjusting for incline or decline (ID) shooting angel – up to plus/minus 89 degrees (upward/downward).

The Tru Target technology allows you to choose between two priority modes. The First Priority Mode intends to range the distance of a closer target. And, the Distant/Last Priority Mode can measure the range of a distant target hovering among a group of objects.

Whether you choose a closer or farthest target, the Hyper Read function is capable of measuring the distance and displaying the result in 0.3 seconds (appx.) time span.


Nikon Monarch 3000 Stabilized Black.

The Stabilization mechanism makes the reading more accurate after reducing vibration and correcting frustration while the hunter faces difficulty in hitting the target in the first attempt.

If you wear glass, Nikon Monark 3000 Laser Range Finder is no less than a blessing for you. It features sturdy construction accompanied with extended eye relief. Adding to these, Nikon Monarch comes with an easy-to-read red OLED display with a 5-level brightness setting option.

Few people might be found who are unaware of the worldwide reputation of Nikon in the field of optics. Nikon built range finders got huge acceptance for their avant-garde design and advanced technology. The Nikon ACULON Range Finder 8397 AL11 bears this rich legacy.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

3.8  x 1.7  x 2.9  in

Weight (Without Batteries)

6.9  oz

Measurement Range/Distance

3000  Yards

Increment Reading 

1  Yard


6 x

Viewfinder Display


Objective Lens Diameter

21 mm

Exit Pupil Diameter

3.5 mm

Angle Compensation


Power Source

1 CR2 Lithium Battery

Manufacturing Brand


How to Choose the Best Hunting Rangefinder for Money?

We won’t bother you suggesting 10 to 15 ways about how to find the best rangefinder for hunting. Considering all the general as well as technical issues regarding rangefinder, we would recommend a few essential points that you need to remember while choosing the best rangefinder for money.

Technical Issues

Let’s start with the technical issues like priority preference, maximum distance, availability of different modes, level of accuracy, power source, water resistance, etc.

  • Priority Difference

You would find two types of Priority Rangefinders. Those are first priority rangefinder and second priority rangefinder. Now, what’s the difference?

When you wanna ignore the things behind your target, you need a First Priority Rangefinder. These type rangefinders are appropriate for the Golf course.

But when you are looking for a hunting rangefinder, keep in mind that many objects like the limb of trees, branches, bushes, etc. mind come between you and the target. Let’s call those screening objects as ‘first’ objects. While focusing on the target, those ‘first’ objects might screen your line of view. So you need a rangefinder that can ignore those ‘first’ objects. Here comes the efficiency of a Second Priority Rangefinder.

In a Second Priority Rangefinder, you can ignore the ‘first’ objects and read a distant target, like deer or bird, hovering far-away. However, how far you can read a target depends on some other factors like the range capacity of your chosen Rangefinder.

  • Maximum Viewing Range

The manufacturers and brands advertise their Rangefinder products under the tag of ‘range capacity’, for instance, 1200 yard rangefinder or 400-yard rangefinder, etc. However, don’t get confused with those lucrative marketing showdowns.

You need to keep in mind that a rangefinder can only measure accurate distance on a cool day when the atmosphere is perfect. If the local weather condition is struck by the heat wave, or snowfall or pollution, or the sky is too sunny, or cloudy, then a rangefinder’s labeled viewing range might get shorten. 

For instance, on a cool day, a 1200 yard tagged rangefinder can be expected to read a deer at 1200 yards of distance. Generally, in most of the cases, a hunting target can be read at one-third of the rangefinder’s maximum viewing distance. And, the target is better viewed under half of the maximum ranger labeled on the rangefinder.

  • Magnification Power

Buying a rangefinder without magnification power is a total waste of money. The power of magnification indicates the value of how much closer it can bring the object. In simple words, if you view through a 7x labeled rangefinder, you can read the object 7 times closer than it’s real distance.

“n”x  magnification level = “n” times closer view

However, don’t get puzzled between with the issues of viewing ranger and magnification power. Increasing your rangefinder’s level of magnification, you can hardly view a distant object much clearly. But you can get a smaller viewing area, or a clearer and darker image utilizing your rangefinder’s magnification power.

For hunting purpose, you can choose a rangefinder with greater than 4x level of magnification power. It would allow you to view the target and read it’s accurate distance measurement.

  • Mode Options: Horizontal, Scan & Other

Are you a crazy hunter who dare to target a flying or moving an object? If yes, then you might need some advanced feature, like Horizontal Range Mode. This option would allow you to shoot the target at a steep angle towards upward or downward. This mode also facilitates a hunter to get a better line of view around his target.

When you are viewing a large area in a forest and need continuous readings about the surrounding objects of your target, look for a rangefinder featuring the Scan Mode option.

For instance, you are viewing at a hoard of deer. Now, move the rangefinder horizontally. When the reticule aims at the first deer, you can see it’s distance reading. And, the reading gets off when the view passes beyond that deer. Thus, you can scan all deer of the hoard and read their respective distances, then finally pick the nearest deer for shooting. Isn’t fun?

  • Power Source

Before choosing a rangefinder check on its source of power. Some manufacturers provide disposable batteries with their hunting rangefinders. It has a positive side that you can carry those batteries in a remote place far away from home or civilized area. And the negative side is that it might be hard to find new batteries Battery-life if you abode in a remote area.

  • Water Resistance

While hunting in the middle of nowhere, the atmospheric condition might get unfavorable. It might start raining or snowing without many indications. Water drops or snow flecks can damage the lens of your precious hunting range finder. Unless you wanna lose your hard earned money, it is wise to choose a water-resistant rangefinder.

  • Level of Accuracy

If you are pro hunter/shooter, you might need a rangefinder offering more accurate readings comparing to the average ones. In general, a minimum +/- 0.5 yards accuracy is required for the competitive hunting and/or long distance shooting purpose.

Optical Issues

The optical issues are no less important than the aforementioned technical issues. The factors like angel composition, quality of lens, reticule, display, etc. can enhance your chances for a successful hitting on the target.

  • Angel Composition

Life is not always a bed of roses and your hunting ground won’t be a plain field every time. While you go for hunting in natural terrain, it can be hilly land or a deep forest.

For instance, you aim at targeted grazing on a distant hill. In this case, your target is placed at a higher position to your eyesight. It might also happen that you are aiming at the target from a tree. This time, the target is beneath the level of your sight. For both cases, the ‘angel composition’ feature of your rangefinder can make you ready for a successful hitting.

In simple words, the ‘angle composition’ feature enables a hunting rangefinder to calculate the distance of the target at an angel. It helps the hunter to estimate how high/low to aim the air rifle or archery bow before shooting/hitting.

However, if you are a keen hunter, then you can measure the angel composition manually. But it might waste your shot if you lose the sight of the target.

  • Lens Type & Quality

Each rangefinder comes with an optical lens. But what makes the difference is the quality of coating over the lens. Why is this so important? The type and quality of coating control how much light can access through the lens. And, the amount of light can define the quality of your target-image.

Generally, lens-coating falls into four categories.

  1. Lens fully coated in single layer upon one surface.
  2. Lens fully coated in single layer upon both sides.
  3. Lens coated in multiple layers upon one surface.
  4. Lens fully coated in multiple layers upon both sides.

The size of the lens can also impact the view. A large sized lens facilitates more amount of light to enter without blocking the area of vision. So, a bigger lens offers a perfect image. However, the large lens can increase the overall weight of a rangefinder. Another con is that inclusion of a large lens can make a rangefinder costlier.

  • Aiming Point

While viewing view through a rangefinder, a hunter superimposes his target over crosshair lines. Those fine black lines are called reticule, or aiming point or aiming circle.

You can hardly discern those reticules, when the surrounding ambient and/or background are dark due to cloudy sky, shadows, waning daylight, etc.

To solve these issues manufactures add LED lights to their rangefinder that offer illuminated visions. The quality rangefinders feature customized brightness. That means depending on the surrounding ambient or light condition you can adjust the level of brightness of those LEDs.

However,    LED reticules are not totally problem free. For instance, the brightness of the LEDs can be veiled under the intense daylight even if you choose the lowest setting.

Conversely, at the lowest setting, the bright LEDs can fail your night vision when the daylight goes off. Why? The reason is simple. We know that in the dark ambient, human eyes get accustomed to the surrounding low light condition, and the eyes get drowned by the illumination of the LEDs.

Now, what’s the way out? The reputed brands have built rangefinders featuring backlit reticules. Though backlight feature offers lesser brightness than LEDs, it helps your eyes to view distant objects comfortably any light condition, whether intense or low.

Design Issues

The appearance of a rangefinder is also important for making your hunting experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Before buying any hunting rangefinder, you need to consider design related issues like portability, user-friendly control panel, built-up quality, provided accessories, color, etc.

  • Portability

While hunting in a forest you might need to walk for miles or stand in a certain place for a while, so consider the overall size and weight before choosing a rangefinder. You can easily put a compactly designed rangefinder inside your backpack. If your rangefinder is lightweight, you can easily carry it by hand or hung it on your neck.

  • Ease of Use

If your rangefinder comes with a lot of advanced features without easy to operate buttons, it is just a waste of money. Pick a rangefinder featuring easy-to-use controls. You can hit/shoot the target before moving when you are capable of measuring its range or angel on a spur of the moment.

  • Durability

Who doesn’t want to use a gear for long years to get the return of every penny spent on it? Pick a sturdy built rangefinder featuring rugged construction. It would allow you to carry the rangefinder comfortably during hunting without continuously worrying about its risk of getting scratched or broken.

  • Accessories

Generally, the standard rangefinders come with some handy accessories required to operate the rangefinder comfortably and safely. The common accessories include carrying straps, starter battery, carry case, etc. However, some manufacturers sell rangefinders as a single piece without any accessory, try to avoid those products.

Other Issues

Besides the above-mentioned technical and optical issues, there are some other issues – like brand reputation, budget range, warranty, etc. – that might affect your decision on which hunting rangefinder to buy. 

  • Brand Reputation

Do a simple research on the top-rated manufacturing companies or brands who produce hunting rangefinders. Consider what specialty those brands offer in their respective products. Then make a comparative analysis among the top-rated rangefinders. Thus, you can pick the best rangefinder for hunting.

  • Budget Range

The price of a range finder might vary from $60 to $600 or more. The better the quality, the higher the price range. Generally, the low price rangefinders come with the basic features like distance measurement, LED aiming point, control button, etc.

 But an advanced level rangefinder comes with some exclusive features like greater range, angel composition, magnification, backlit reticule, compact design, rugged body, water resistance, etc.

Now, how to choose a hunting rangefinder without breaking your bank? First, you need to decide what features you want in your rangefinder. To do this task more systematically, you can make a list of expected features, based on priority. Next, decide how much you wanna spend for a rangefinder. Then, look for those listed features and choose the best hunting rangefinder for money under budget.

  • Warranty

Generally, the reputed companies offer limited product warranty for their rangefinders. This type of warranty runs through a considerable period. However, the warranty issue varies from product to product.

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