Best Backpacking Stove Reviews 2019 | Buyers’ Guide

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If you need a convenient way to boil water, or make food, while camping, an investment in a high-quality backpacking stove is essential. It can get you going in minutes, allowing you to concentrate on what you went out into the wilderness to do. Check out our editor’s selected top-rated backpacking stove reviews. And don’t miss our buyer guide on how to choose the best backpacking stove below to pick the product that will best suit your individual needs.

Editor’s Choice – the Best Backpacking Stove reviews 2019:

However, it can be hard to decide on a backpacking stove, without the proper experience and know-how. Thankfully, we have taken this burden upon ourselves for your convenience. By researching every aspect of backpacking stove design, we have determined the eleven best products on the market.

To ensure we have made quality choices, we have checked out both professional and user reviews, manufacturer’s details, and more to create an informed article for our readers. Here goes our top listed backpacking and portable camping stoves.

BioLite Campstove 1 – Wood Burning Portable Camp Stove:

Although it may be one of the more expensive models on our list, the BioLite Wood Burning Campstove provides a ton of features that accommodate the modern camper or backpacker. Of the things that set it apart from the competition, the USB charging ports are perhaps the most striking.


best backpacking stoves 2019

BioLite CampStove Campstove 2 Wood Burning & USB Charging Camp Stove.

If you like to stay safe and connected to the outside world while camping, you can keep your devices charged by plugging them in every time you go to use this amazing product. In simple words, this portable camping stove can get you rid of carrying some additional camping gears.BioLite CampStove 1- Wood-Burning Small Lightweight Stove with Internal Powerbank, Generates Electricity for USB Charging Using Excess Heat, 1st Generation, 5 x 5 x 8.3 Inches, Silver (CSA)

Especially for those who hate making long stops, the boil time of the BioLite Wood Burning Campstove is impressive, at just 4-½ minutes. Additionally, the internal starter battery makes it simple to get the flames going.

The fuel-less operation makes the BioLite Wood Burning Campstove a perfect choice for environmentally conscious consumers. If you are against placing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, and investment in this camping wood burning stove model can help you fight global problems.

Highlighted Features:

  • Powers Most USB Chargeable Devices.
  • 2 Pounds.
  • Boils 1 Liter of Water in 4-½ Minutes.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • Internal Starter Battery.
  • Fuelless Operation
  • Environmentally Conscious Design.
  • 5 x 5 x 8.3-Inches.

Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo:

Want to invest in a backpack hiking stove that can be used anywhere in the forest? Thanks to the Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo’s wood burning fuel source, you can easily gain fuel at anytime, anywhere.

Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo: Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cook System. Lightweight Kitchen Kit for Backpacking, Camping, Survival. Burns Twigs, No Batteries or Liquid Fuel Gas Canister Required


Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo: Ultralight Wood Burning Backpacking Cook System. Lightweight Kitchen Kit for Backpacking, Camping, Survival. Burns Twigs, No Batteries or Liquid Fuel Gas Canister Required.

Some readers may be thinking: but doesn’t this backpacking stove cause a ton of unwanted smoke? Fear not, as the Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo uses an ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion technology that keeps smoke output very low. In fact, this ultralight stove creates less smoke than nearly all of its competitors.

Those who want a fast cooking experience may want to go with another model, however. Between the need for gathering wood and the 8 to 10 minute water boil time of the Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo, it is not nearly as speedy as other models on our list.

Finally, the compact design of the Solo Stove & Pot 900 Combo makes it great for those who need to pack light. If you’ve been held back due to bulky equipment in the past, this product is here to lighten your load.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gear of the Year Winner.
  • Less Smoke than Most Models.
  • Woodburning Stove.
  • Lightweight.
  • Boils Water in 8 to 10 Minutes.
  • Compact Design.
  • Gasification Technology.
  • Secondary Combustion Process.

MSR Reactor Stove System:

The most expensive model on our list, the MSR Reactor Stove System does not disappoint when it comes to luxury features and overall performance. Additionally, it is extremely compact, making it perfect for any camper or backpacker.


MSR Reactor Stove System.

Although it uses fuel, the radiant burner and heat exchanger of the MSR Reactor Stove System is extremely efficient. Due to this, you will be using much less energy and fuel overall if you invest in this fantastic product.

The MSR Reactor Stove System is extremely fast, and can boil a liter of water in just 3 minutes. Given the fuel use efficiency of the model, combined with this feature, you get a product that is dedicated to being friendly to both the environment and your wallet.

You get a high-efficiency pot built into the MSR Reactor Stove System, allowing you to be ready to cook right out of the box. Overall, this is a backpacking stove that will keep you focused on the journey ahead, and will do its best to not delay you at any time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Boils 1 Liter of Water in 3 Minutes.
  • Radiant Burner & Heat Exchanger.
  • Highly Efficient.
  • Compact Design.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Internal Regulator.
  • 7 Pounds.
  • High-End Model.

Coleman Camp Stove with Exponent Multi-Fuel System:

The Coleman brand has been creating quality camping and travel products for decades. With the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel System, they continue their legacy of excellent product design. If you want a backpacking stove that will benefit you in any travel situation, this is what you’ve been looking for.


Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel Stove.

With the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel System, you get an extreme amount of control over the cooking process. Thanks to the precise flame control feature, you can easily keep temperatures consistent, and get desired cooking.

The only major drawback of the Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel System is its fuel usage. It requires either Coleman-brand fuel, unleaded gasoline, or kerosene to operate, making it more expensive to use than many other products on our list. Additionally, these materials are not nearly as environmentally friendly, as wood burning, and other fuel-less models.

Have you had issues cooking in windy environments in the past? The Coleman Exponent Multi-Fuel System features a wind-resistant design that protects the flame in such environments, keeping you ready to cook in any weather.

Highlighted Features:

  • Precise Flame Control.
  • Uses Coleman Fuel/Unleaded Gasoline/Kerosene.
  • Burner Bowl.
  • Wind-Resistant.
  • 6 Oz.
  • Easy to Set Up and Break Down.
  • Trusted Coleman Brand.
  • 5 x 5.2 x 5.2-Inches.

MSR Dragonfly Stove:

Featuring an innovative design, the MSR Dragonfly Stove is one of the most compact products on our list. If you need an efficient product that can be safely and easily stored in/attached to your backpack, this model has you covered.


MSR Dragonfly Stove.

Due to the design of the MSR Dragonfly Stove’s burner, you can fit nearly any type of pot on it. Even extra-wide pots are supported. However, the larger the pot, the longer it will take to cook its contents, due to the relatively small flame of this backpacking stove product.

Once again, the MSR Dragonfly Stove is not as energy efficient of environmentally friendly as some of our other listed products. This is primarily due to its fuel usage of white gas, kerosene, and unleaded gasoline. However, it does get a lot of power in its cooking process from these fuel sources.

What it lacks in energy efficiency, it makes for up in self-sufficiency. The MSR Dragonfly Stove features self-cleaning features that make it simple to keep it clean after every use, allowing you more time out on the trail. Certainly, MSR Dragonfly is one of the best backpacking stoves available in 2019.

Highlighted Features:

  • CoolFuel Valve.
  • Dual-Valve Design.
  • Extra Wide Pot Support.
  • Uses White Gas/Kerosene/Unleaded Gasoline.
  • Self-Cleaning Features.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • 1 Pound.
  • Highly Versatile. 

Bushbox XL Combination Kit Folding Stove Review:

The Bushbox XL Combination Kit can be broken down into several plates, making it extremely thin and compact when transporting. It also weighs only 1.8 pounds, so it can comfortably fit in any explorer’s gear.

More than anything else, the Bushbox XL Combination Kit is known for its versatile capabilities and operation. You can use this product as a grill, storage box, grate, and much more. If you like a product that can perform multiple important functions at your campsite, this feature should be particularly attractive.

When using the Bushbox XL Combination Kit as a grill, you will need to locate wood or charcoal for a fuel source. Due to this, it is very environmentally friendly. Additionally, you can simply explore the grounds around you for wood when you need to cook or boil water, making it a highly economic investment as well.

Overall, the Bushbox XL Combination Kit is perfect for any camper or backpacker. Due to its extremely compact and easily storable design, it will go anywhere without causing you grievances.

Highlighted Features:

  • Universal Grate.
  • Versatile Operation.
  • Excellent Storage Capabilities.
  • Heavy-Duty Design.
  • Trusted Bushbox Brand.
  • Perfect for Campers.
  • 8 Pounds.

Optimus Crux Weekend HE Cook System:

An excellent and affordable mid-range product, the Optimus Crux Weekend HE Cook System has all the features you need to reliably cook food and eat water while exploring the great outdoors.


Optimus Crux Stove With Terra Weekend HE Cook Set.

Those who prefer to make investments that come with useful accessories will also love this product. It comes with a fry pan/lid combo accessory, which makes boiling, steaming, and frying food easy. Additionally, it comes with a 3000W crux stove, giving you the ability to cook and boil extremely fast. In fact, you can boil a full liter of water in just 2.3 minutes, making it one of the fastest cookers on our list.

The 3000W crux stove is also highly efficient. Due to it, you can use the Optimus Crux Weekend HE Cook System at its maximum energy output for up to 90 minutes. If you are trying to cook for multiple people, or are making a stew, this feature is particularly useful.

Highlighted Features:

  • 95 Liter Hard-Anodized Aluminum Pot.
  • Fry Pan/Lid Combo Accessory.
  • 3000W Crux Stove Included.
  • Foldable Burner Head.
  • Can Run at Maximum Output for Up to 90 minutes.
  • Boils 1 Liter of Water in 2.3 Minutes.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Affordable.

Etekcity Ultralight Backpacking Stove/Portable Camping Stove:


The Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition is the most affordable product on our list. However, its price tag does not mean it sacrifices effectiveness for a low cost.Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition (Orange, 1 Pack)


Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove with Piezo Ignition (Orange, 1 Pack).

The Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition is both compact and collapsible, and can easily fit into even the smallest pockets of your camping backpack. It is also highly durable, so you never have to worry about whether it is properly padded or not. For those who brave rugged camping conditions, this feature of the product should prove particularly attractive.

Have you had the frustrating experience of buying a fuel container/canister for a backpacking stove, only to find out it wasn’t compatible with your model? With the Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition, you get the luxury of having a model that is compatible with almost every canister type.

Finally, the 1-year warranty offered alongside the Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition makes it perfect for those who like their investment to go far. Combine this with the extremely low price tag of the product, and you have an incredibly economic backpacking stove.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable Design.
  • Compact and Collapsible.
  • Compatible with Most Fuel Canisters.
  • Adjustable Control Valve.
  • Efficient Operation.
  • “Leave No Trace” Feature.
  • 1-Year Warranty.
  • Highly Affordable.

Emberlit Stove Titanium:

Similar to the Bushbox XL Combination Kit, the Emberlit Stove Titanium is a foldable model. For those who want to pack extremely light, these models are the best option.


Emberlit Titanium UL Compact Design Perfect for Survival, Camping, Hunting & Emergency Preparation.

Just because the Emberlit Stove Titanium is compact and lightweight, does not mean it is not durable. Even though it weighs only 0.34 pounds, its titanium material makes it both rust and dent-resistant.

Those who like to buy products made in the country will love the Emberlit Stove Titanium. It is 100% made in the USA, making it a perfect investment for the Patriots out there. If you want to stay self-sufficient, while also supporting your fellow countrymen, this is the product you’ve been looking for.

While the fuel-less design and efficient operation of the Emberlit Stove Titanium are well welcomed, it does take a bit longer to boil water than many other models. In fact, most estimates put the time it takes to boil a liter of water within a range of 10 minutes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Folds Flat.
  • Easy to Store.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Design.
  • 100% USA Crafted.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Boils Water in 10 Minutes or Less.
  • Efficient Operation.
  • 2 Oz.
  • 4 x 5.5 x 6-Inches.


Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove:

Finishing up our list is the second most affordable product we have reviewed. However, this does not mean the Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove is light on features or unique design aspects.Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove

Esbit 11.5g (0.4 Ounce) Ultralight Folding Titanium Stove for Use with Solid Fuel Tablets.

Due to its foldable design, you can easily store the Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove in any backpack. If you want to keep the product outside of your bag while hiking, simply throw it into its easy to use mesh storage bag. You can then tie it to your backpack, freeing up, even more, storage for important camping accessories.

However, you will need a separate solid fuel tablet to effectively use the Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove. In this way, it is more a useful accessory than a full-on backpacking stove product.

Finally, the Esbit 11.5g Ultralight Titanium Stove is made from a lightweight titanium material. Due to this, it is not only easy-to-store, but highly durable. For campers who tend to be a bit rougher with their gear, this should prove to be a selling point.

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Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set 

Highlighted Features:

  • Ultra-Lightweight Design.
  • Titanium Material.
  • Tablet Tray.
  • Foldable.
  • Mesh Storage Bag Included.
  • Easy to Use.
  • 03 Pounds.
  • 1 x 1 x 1-Inches.
  • Highly Affordable.

Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System:

It may look like a piece of space tech, but the Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is actually very inviting to all users. Those who like investing in innovative approaches to product design will love the unique features the Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System has to offer.

Have you had issues with keeping a constant temperature with your backpacking stove efforts in the past? If so, you will be impressed with the thermo-regulate technology built into the Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System. This tech allows you to keep a consistent heat at all times, all the way down to 20 degrees F.

The Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is also extremely easy to use. Simply add the fuel, and initiate the push-button igniter, and you will be good to go. This modern design makes the system perfect for users of all skill levels.

Consumers should be aware, however, that the Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System is not particularly meant for cooking food. This system is meant to heat up liquids, primarily water. In this task, however, it works more efficiently than other products in its price range.

Highlighted Features:

  • Thermo-Regulate Technology.
  • Provides Consistent Heat.
  • Fuel Sold Separately.
  • Primarily Intended for Boiling Water (Not Cooking Food).
  • 8 Liter FluxRing Cooking Cup.
  • Push-Button Igniter.
  • Modern Design.
  • 1 Pounds.

How to Buy the Best Backpacking Stove – What to Consider:

Before finalizing your decision on a backpacking stove, you should carefully consider these four important product qualities. Each one of these elements will help you make an informed and smart decision, leading you to a great investment.

Water Boil Time:

The primary function most users will be using backpacking stoves for is to boil water. Due to this, the amount of time it takes a product to boil water is the most important feature to consider. Thankfully, there are no models on our list that take more than 10 minutes to thoroughly and safely boil water.

In fact, some of them barely take more than 2 minutes to boil a full liter of water! If you need a product that can boil water quickly, and keep you on a tight camping activity schedule, you need to consider the boil time of a backpacking or camping stove carefully before making that final investment.

Power Source/Fuel Type:

Depending on your budget, the kind of camping you’re doing, and your ability to bring along materials, the type of fuel and/or power source of a potential backpacking stove is extremely important. If you need to travel light, you need to invest in a fuel-less product that can be started without needing to lug around fuel.

However, those who have the ability to bring fuels with them, get access to more powerful models. Overall, there are many different fuel types that can be used with backpacking stoves, so you need to make sure you can afford that fuel type before making an investment.

Common Fuel Types for Backpack Stoves:

  • Unleaded Gasoline.
  • Kerosene.
  • Product-Specific Fuel Source.
  • White Gas.
  • Jet Fuel.

Environmental Features:

Keeping environmentally consciousness about your energy and product use should be a top priority for any outdoor activity enthusiasts. When trying to camp in a way that protects the forests, you can help by investing in a backpacking or hiking stove with many environmentally conscious features built into its design. Fuelless models, for example, help fight global warming due to their lack of fossil fuel emissions.

Additionally, some models may come with waste disposal and self-cleaning features that prevent you from using potentially harmful chemicals each time you need to clean up after using the product.

Weight / Storage Considerations:

If you want to stay self-sufficient while camping, or traveling cross-country, you need gear that is easy to store and setup. With this in mind, you need to carefully consider both the weight and storage features of any backpacking stove you’re eyeing. Thankfully, the vast majority of all backpacking and camping stoves are 3 pounds or less. In fact, all the models on our list fail to exceed 2.5 pounds.

For those who prefer the classic “primitive” approach to camping or traveling, this quality of the products we’ve chosen for our list will prove particularly attractive. After all, you don’t want to be continuously burdened by a non-compact, or heavy camp stove as you try to enjoy your journey.

Additional Considerations:

  • Price Tag.
  • Brand Name.
  • Included Accessories.
  • Dimensions.
  • Starter Type.
  • Intended Use (Cooking and/or Boiling).
  • Regulator Type.
  • Warranties.
  • Versatility.

Final Verdict:

To stay efficient and prepared out in the country, you need a quality backpacking stove along with other essential backpacking gears. So far, most of our reviewed backpacking stoves are super lightweight, compatible with natural fuel, and simple to operate. Furthermore, these top backpack stoves come with simple but high-efficient designs making them compact and easy to pack alongside your other camping gear.

Overall, we highly recommend investing in a product that fits your individual needs as a camper or cross-country traveler. From the weight of a product to the fuel type it takes, each individual product design aspect will drastically affect your ability to stay self-sufficient. Additionally, depending on how environmentally-conscious you are, there are many other features to take into consideration.

However, you do not need to go for the higher end products to get a model that will satisfy your needs, so only go for high-end models if you absolutely need their specific perks. Hope our research and discussion will help you to choose the best backpacking stove to assure a safe trailing experience.


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